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Williams' Numbers Don't Show How Big He Was in Win Over UCA

Comes close to double-double again in 97-60 win, but winning more important than stats

One of these games, Arkansas' Jaylin Williams is going to hit double figures in points and rebounds.

Against UCA on Wednesday night, he came within one simple basket of getting that elusive double-double for the sixth time in his career.

None of it really matters to him.

Jaylin Williams-UCA

Hogs' Jaylin Williams takes a charge in the lane against UCA's Camren Hunter.

Winning the game did matter.

"Jaylin just does what he has to do to win," Eric Musselman said after a 97-60 win over the Bears. "He's a winning player."

Williams had eight points, 13 rebounds, two assists, two steals and two blocked shots. They should keep a stat line on how many times he was on the floor chasing loose balls.

Jaylin Williams-UCA

Hogs' Jaylin Williams battles UCA's Eddy Kayouloud on Wednesday night.

"It seems like he's just oblivious to his stat line," Musselman said. "He's just doing whatever helps Arkansas. That's how he plays and it's so evident to friends or people that are in the industry that watch him."

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He probably knows. It's just not that big of a deal to him.

After the game, Williams didn't say a single word about the stats.

His first comment was about the team's chaotic first half where the Razorbacks couldn't find a way to put much distance on UCA.

Jaylin Williams-UCA

Hogs' Jaylin Williams blocks a shot by UCA's Camren Hunter on Wednesday night.

The Hogs led 41-35 as they shot just 8-of-20 from the free-throw line (40%), which was the most glaring problem.

"We came into halftime knowing we didn't play our best basketball," Williams said later.

Musselman would just like to have an entire team playing like Williams.

"He's a winning player," Musselman said. "If everybody did that we would not have halves like we did in the first half."

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