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Aubie the Tiger ranked No. 1 college mascot of 2022

Aubie just keeps on winning.
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As it turns out, the most accomplished presence in Auburn history isn't a player. Nor is it a coach.

It's the world's most beloved mascot, Aubie the Tiger.

Big Game Boomer recently released his list of the best college mascots entering the 2022 season. Aubie is on top at No. 1 - deservedly so, after winning the UCA National Championship last season. His 10 UCA titles are the most of any mascot in the country.

Aubie was the first inductee into the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2006. He's been winning since day one.

The Duck, Oregon's mascot, finished second in BGB's 65-mascot list. He is the only other mascot that could arguably come within the realm of Aubie's likeability. This is definitely not subjective.

The BGB top 10 goes as follows:

1. Aubie the Tiger (Auburn)

2. The Duck (Oregon)

3. Cosmo the Cougar (BYU)

4. The Bearcat (Cincinnati)

5. Cocky (South Carolina)

6. Otto the Orange (Syracuse)

7. Sparty (Michigan State)

8. The Mountaineer (West Virginia)

9. Mr. & Mrs. Wolf (NC State)

10. Raider Red (Texas Tech)

Notable top 10 snubs include Tennessee's Smokey (too adorable to not be given automatic top 10 status), Ohio State's Brutus (less cute, more iconic), and Washington's husky (not Harry the Husky, the live mascot. He deserves the world).

Again, this is clearly objective and there is no debating anything.

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