BC Baseball Releases '21 ACC Schedule

BC baseball returns in February, here is their entire conference schedule
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The ACC released their baseball conference schedule earlier this week. Boston College, led by head coach Mike Gambino will be playing in a record 36 conference games along with 18 home games. Last season Boston College went 6-9 before the season was officially cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Boston College should have an exciting team this year, as they return three players listed in the Top 40 of D1 Baseball's Top Draft Pick List. Sal Frelick, Cody Morissette and Mason Pelio are poised t have big years for the Eagles. 

The following schedule is just for conference games, there will be additional out of conference games released at a later time. Stay tuned to BC Bulletin for future schedule release information as soon as it is announced.

February 26 Duke*Durham, N.C.
February 27 Duke*Durham, N.C.
February 28 Duke*Durham, N.C.
March 5 Wake Forest*Winston-Salem, N.C.
March 6 Wake Forest*Winston-Salem, N.C.
March 7 Wake Forest*Winston-Salem, N.C.
March 12 Louisville*Louisville, Ky.
March 13 Louisville*Louisville, Ky.
March 14,Louisville*Louisville, Ky.
March 19 North Carolina*Brighton, Mass.
March 20 North Carolina*Brighton, Mass.
March 21 North Carolina*Brighton, Mass.
March 26 Clemson*Brighton, Mass.
March 27 Clemson*Brighton, Mass.
March 28 Clemson*Brighton, Mass.
April 1 Virginia Tech*Blacksburg, Va.
April 2 Virginia Tech*Blacksburg, Va.
April 3 Virginia Tech*Blacksburg, Va.
April 9 North Carolina State*Brighton, Mass.
April 10 North Carolina State*Brighton, Mass.
April 11 North Carolina State*Brighton, Mass.
April 16 Florida State*Tallahassee, Fla.
April 17 Florida State*Tallahassee, Fla.
April 18 Florida State*Tallahassee, Fla.
April 23 Notre Dame*Brighton, Mass.
April 24 Notre Dame*Brighton, Mass.
April 25 Notre Dame*Brighton, Mass.
April 30 Miami*Brighton, Mass.
May 1 Miami*Brighton, Mass.
May 2 Miami*Brighton, Mass.
May 7 Pittsburgh*Pittsburgh, Pa.
May 8 Pittsburgh*Pittsburgh, Pa.
May 9 Pittsburgh*Pittsburgh, Pa.
May 20 Virginia*Brighton, Mass.
May 21 Virginia*Brighton, Mass.
May 22 Virginia*Brighton, Mass.

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