NC State 79 Boston College 76: Ten Observations From A Bad Loss

Boston College found another way to lose on Wednesday as they dropped a close one to the Wolfpack
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Boston College (2-6) dropped yet another game on Wednesday evening, losing a heartbreaker to NC State 79-76 in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was a game that BC should have won, but a horrendous final minute cost them. Here are some of our observations for the game.

* First off, let's talk about that final minute. Boston College goes up on a three pointer by Wynston Tabbs with a 1:30 to go. They have a chance to add to their lead, but Jay Heath misses a long jumper. Shakeel Moore hits a mid range jumper to take the lead for NC State. Here is where everything falls apart for Boston College. The Eagles can drain the clock to take the last shot to win it, but they have no time outs to set a play because they burned them all. On a terrible pass in to Tabbs, NC State picks it off, and grabs the turnover with 14 seconds remaining. Inexplicably BC doesn't foul. They just let NC State, who is leading by one drain the clock. NC State, gets the ball over half court and finds Moore wide open who lays it in. On the TV it said about three-four seconds remain (the official scoring sheet says one). Heath heaves up a desperation three with out trying to move the ball forward, and game over. 

* Why did BC not foul here? That seems like basketball basics 101. You try and manage the clock to keep your team in the game. The last thing you do, when down one is let the opposing team just dribble it out. 

* As a whole this series of plays just shows lack of preparation, and that starts at the coaching level. Players need to know exactly what to do in these situations, time outs or not, and it was clear that it didn't look like they did. This is the second game this season that BC blew on a turnover. Tabbs stepped out of bounds in a tight game in the final seconds against Minnesota. This signals a big problem with the program. The talent is there, they are hanging with these teams, but they are missing something to close out the games. That is preparation and communication from the top. 

* Alright moving on from the final minute. Wynston Tabbs showed up big in the second half, scoring 18 points after being basically invisible for the first half. He looked every bit of the game changer many believe he could be. 

* I still can't believe they called a flagrant on Makai Ashton Langford. It looked bad when it was live, but on replay, when they slowed it down, it appeared that he never touched the NC State player. Surprised the refs kept the call as is. 

* Ashton Langford overall had a very strong game, scoring 11 points and grabbing five rebounds.

*BC really needs to stop taking three pointers with their bigs. These are such low percentage shots, and the Eagles really don't have stretch bigs that can hit these shots. Steffon Mitchell and James Karnik take some ugly looking shots from beyond the arc.

* Speaking of Mitchell, it's amazing to see what the team looks like when he is active on the offensive end. The senior scored a double double (12-12), and hit some solid buckets when the Eagles needed it. He changes the dynamic of the game when he is getting easy buckets.

* Credit to BC for turning this game around, because they looked dead in the water to start the game. NC State built up a quick twelve point lead, and built it up to 15 close to the end of the half. However, BC came out red hot in the second half, and took advantage of NC State falling asleep at the wheel to jump back in to this game. 

* Three point shooting was a big positive for the Eagles on Wednesday. The Eagles shot 43.5% from the three point line, one of their best outings of the year. Tabbs went 4-6, but also credit to Rich Kelly who hit two three pointers on back to back drives. 

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