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Boston College vs. St. John's: Live Updates

Live updates on tonight's game against the Red Storm

Boston College continues their play in "Conte Forum South" against former Big East foe St. John's. The Red Storm sit at 2-0, and just entered Bubbleville after winning the Lapchick tournament with wins over St. Peter's and Lasalle. 

Time: 6:00 pm
Where: Mohegan Sun, Connecticut
Radio: WEEI 850
Opening Line: Pick 'Em

Join us as we live-blog and discuss the Boston College Eagles and the St. John's University game here in our liveblog. Dive into the conversation — it's easy — by simply going to the top of the site and in the bottom righthand corner of the BC Bulletin logo, click the follow button.

You can log in with Facebook or Google and either way, it's free. From there, sound off in the comment section and share your reactions and observations with our staff, subscribers and fellow members of the BC Bulletin community as we react to the game in real time. We hope you comment, it makes watch alongs an even richer experience, and we want to hear what you have to say about the game. Disagree or agree with me? Leave your thoughts below!

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Updates: Will show up in real time in the comment section.

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Starting Lineup: 

News Update: Boston College will be playing Florida on Thursday at Mohegan Sun. The game against URI and Missouri has been cancelled.