Locked on Boston College: Eagles Find New Way To Lose

A new episode breaks down a hard loss to NC State
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The run of optimism is over. 

If you have been following along with the podcast, you might have noticed that I have been rather positive over the past two months. For football I stuck with the improvements and good moments that have dominated the past three months. Even for basketball, I have tried to stick with glass half full mentality.

But not anymore.

Last night's loss to NC State was inexcusable, and it left a horrible taste in my mouth. It is one thing when a team loses because they get run out of the gym, like BC did against Florida and Syracuse. But this was a winnable game, that was bungled in the final minute. No more excuses, no more trying to talk it away. Most of you are numb to the losses, but as someone who has to cover every game, I am not there yet. Listen to today's episode for my feelings on the game. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

To end the episode we do take a brighter perspective and look at the Top 4 moments of 2020. Relive these amazing moments that made you cheer, jump out of our seat. 


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