Boston College Offers UAB Transfer Center Makhtar Gueye

A.J. Black

Boston College offered UAB transfer center Makhtar Gueye on Saturday night according to his Twitter:

Gueye is a highly sought after center from Senegal, who announced he was transferring from the Blazers on April 10th. Since his announcement he has claimed offers from Fairfield, NC State, Miami, Mississippi State, Georgetown, San Diego State, New Mexico, Boise State, JMU. Last season he averaged 6.8 points per game and 5.2 rebounds. Against Marshall he had a season high 15 points along with seven rebounds. 

This offer makes it clear that the Eagles are continuing to look to fill their last scholarship for next season. They have already added James Karnik, Frederick Scott, and Rich Kelly to balance the outgoing transfers, and should have one more spot to fill. Earlier this week, they also offered Eduardo Andre, a 2020 center out of Texas. 

Jim Christian's staff seems to be focused on grabbing more big men for the upcoming year. Currently they have CJ Felder, who, although he played center in 2019-20 is more suited as a PF, Luka Kraveljic and Justin Vander Baan. Kraveljic has not shown that he could be an every day starter yet, and Vander Baan who could easily fill the role in the future, will be fresh out of high school this season and may need some seasoning. They have already added Karnik in the transfer market. The Lehigh transfer could technically play the five next season. 

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I have seen your many comments on various BC sites for years.

You are mostly very uninformed and lack even basic, or even low analytical skills.

Your research is pathetic, immature and juvenile.

You need to cease and desist since you are embarrassing yourself and BC fans.

Every single, yes every single, Power 5 Team has an indoor practice facility. Some are so plush with amenities and the latest teaching high tech video enhancements that help players learn and improve.

NB: Even the non-Power 5 schools have also upgraded and improved since the NCAA Tourney Revenues have greatly increased to cover not only their hoops budgets with a solid bid and run, but other sports!

BC's ADMIN & Trustees are historically cheap and lazy and run by Puscadores, Losers and Idiots.

BC needed a powerful Swarbrick Visionary long ago.

MJ made a Grand Slam hire in Hafley, but my comments above on JC are the present situation.

BC makes a CASH FLOW fortune from the ACC & new ACCN.

Women's Hoops is irrelevant with less 100 fans in the seats.

If we had a Auburn level or top echelon Practice Facility it would help, but JC needs to step up which is a long shot, but BC's CYO 1950's Gym is absolute CLOWNSHOES and DISGUSTIAD!

BC needs to step up to help and unless you hired Pitino (missed?), or his level, a practice facility is a huge factor for HS kids. Kids like winners and nice facilities.


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Calm Down
I am sure that I said and will say many things that make no sense or that you and many others will not agree with
But I doubt that the people that run these platforms wanted for us to throw personal insults at each other.
I made a mistake to reply to your comment but you went too far!


when will MJ move on from JC & Staff


TOP AP 25 -10 Years--Wins--Losses %:

Donahue 4 YEARS- 2-17--10.5%
Christian 6 YEARS 4-34--10.5%

10 YEARS 6-51-- 10.5%


Recruiting Ranks from 247 National/ACC

71-15 ---Jim Christian (13-19) 1 2020-21
67-13 ---Jim Christian (13-19) 2 2019-20
71-12 ---Jim Christian (19-16) 3 2018-19
73-11 ---Jim Christian (19-16) 4 2017-18
84-11 ---Jim Christian (9-23) 5 2016-17
71-11 ---Jim Christian (7-25) 6 2015-16
136-15 ---Jim Christian (13-19) 7 2014-15

102-15 ---Steve Donahue (8-24) 8 2013-14
71-12 ---Steve Donahue (16-17) 9 2012-13
55-10 ---Steve Donahue (9-22) 10 2011-12
275-14 ---Steve Donahue (21-13) 11 2010-11

303-15 ---Al Skinner (15-16) 12 2009-10
264-12 ---Al Skinner (22-12) 13 2008-09
34-10 ---Al Skinner (14-17) 14 2007-08
69-12 ---Al Skinner (21-12) 15 2006-07
20514 ---Al Skinner (21-12) 16 2005-06


Can Jim Christian find two full squads, or at least 9 solid players with at least 12 minutes, with all these recruits, players and transfers and cobble together and coach up a solid NCAA Tournament Team?

Lot of new depth after 6 years and BC could go Nolan Richardson>>

"40 Minutes of Hell" (Ozark Season Two Stole My 15 Year Line and I know AJ is laughing hard!) and eventually find the best 7-8 for a deep NCAA Run!

Track record is what it is and so far "Running on Empty!"

Jim Christian received the 74 "CoronaHalo" and was granted a reprieve from a possible firing for 6 years of poor performances, although PATHETIC, CHEAP & LAZY BC being the only D1 school without a dedicated practice facility and a 1956 era CYO Power Practice Gym certainly did not help recruiting.

Remember another poor year and most likely the bar is set low like a sad NIT bid, but methinks an NCAA should be a minimum.

A glowing CoronaHalo that saved JC's job only has to drop 6 inches and become a firing noose with another 14-18 year.

Almost two decades of worse and tragic cheap & lazy & no 74 Visionary Genius and you just are scraping by like pathetic losers looking for miracles in all the wrong places.

The Oracle Truth has spoken.