ACC Supports One Time Transfer, Second Major Conference To Do So

A.J. Black

The Atlantic Coast Conference became the second major conference to support a rule change that would allow for a one time transfer without having to sit out. Here is the statement from the ACC:

“During the league’s annual winter meetings (February 12-14) the ACC discussed the transfer environment and unanimously concluded that as a matter of principle we support a one-time transfer opportunity for all student-athletes regardless of sport. As a conference, we look forward to continuing the discussion nationally.”

Under the current rules, players must sit out a year if they choose to transfer from one FBS school to another. However as of late the NCAA has been issuing waivers that allow players to become immediately eligible at their new school. These waivers have been inconsistently given out though with cases like quarterbacks Justin Fields and Tate Martell receiving them. While VT offensive lineman Brock Hoffman had his denied. 

This is still in just in the discussion phase, and the ACC and Big Ten are now the only two conferences to publicly support this. BC has been waiting on the ruling on quarterback Phil Jurkovec, who has transferred from Notre Dame and applied for a waiver. Unfortunately, even if this rule change passes, it probably won't be enacted until the 2021 or 2022 season. 

While this rule may clear up situations like Jurkovec, BC fans should be wary about the rule passing. The big and elite programs will now be allowed to basically poach any player they want from any team they want. Just think, if Alabama needed a running back and they could go and lure AJ Dillon away, this rule would allow them to do so and have him immediately. This would make it very difficult for programs to build depth, as players could constantly be poached. This ruling has the facade of being "pro-player", but in actuality it clearly is a rule that benefits coaches. 

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