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Gametime: 7:30pm 

Television: ACC Network

Listen: WEEI 93.7 FM

Spread: Clemson -34.5

Weather: Rain all night. 

Join us as we live-blog and discuss the Boston College Eagles and the Clemson Tigers game here in our weekly Gameday Open Thread. Dive into the conversation — it's easy — by simply going to the top of the site and in the bottom righthand corner of the BC Maven logo, click the follow button.

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Fourth Quarter

Overton touchdown pass from Chase Brice 59-7 Clemson

Third Quarter

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End of third quarter, 52-7 Clemson

Trevor Lawrence again, to a wide receiver...I forget which one. 52-7 Clemson

After AJ Dillon breaks the BC all time rushing record, Dennis Grosel fumbles it and Clemson scores again. 45-7 Clemson

Second Quarter

AJ Dillon takes control of the drive, scores from 9 yards out and it is 17-7 Clemson

Justyn Ross, wide open 30 yard gain, Travis Etienne with a long run. Joe Sparacio and Mike Palmer are getting exposed. Etienne in for a five yard touchdown 24-7 Clemson

BC's defense looks gassed, Clemson is just marching down field, touchdown pass from Lawrence to Amari Rodgers 31-7 Clemson

Same story as before, Clemson is just marching at will, BC can't do anything, Travis Etienne finishes it. 38-7 Clemson

First Quarter

Clemson wins the coin toss, and elects to defer. BC starts with the ball. Go three and out. 8 yard run by AJ Dillon followed by two incomplete passes. 

Clemson marches down the field off a long pass interference call, a huge run by Etienne but Lawrence is sacked on 3rd and goal by Brendan Barlow. 3-0 Clemson

A trio of pass interference calls, two of them VERY questionable and Clemson has Travis Etienne dive up the middle for the touchdown. 10- 0 Clemson

Lyn-J Dixon with a huge 32 yard run, Overton with a touchdown catch for 22 yards. 17-0 Clemson

BC's driving, 1st and goal going into the second quarter.