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Boston College vs. Clemson: Predictions And Final Thoughts

A look at Saturday's game between the Boston College Eagles and Clemson Tigers along with a prediction

Every game is a big game moving forward for Boston College, but Saturday night's game against Clemson could be program changing. The Eagles face off against the Tigers in Death Valley for the third time in three years, but for the first time it really feels like a potential upset in the air. The Tigers are struggling, especially on offense where the once potent Tony Elliott unit is near the bottom of every statistical measure. But is that Clemson group ready to pounce? 

Boston College is coming off an emotional 41-34 overtime win against Missouri last Saturday. At 4-0 the Eagles have so far overcome the loss of their starting quarterback Phil Jurkovec, and successfully redefined their offense. The running game, especially Pat Garwo III have helped BC string together long punishing drives behind an offensive line that mauled Mizzou last week. 

But the biggest question heading into this week could be the defense. While they have done a nice job through the first week, including sealing last weekend's win with a Brandon Sebastian interception, there are still concerns about whether they can consistently make stops. They need to slow down Clemson quarterback DJ Uiagalelei, wide receiver Justyn Ross if BC wants to pull off the upset. 

Here are our final thoughts and predictions for Saturday night's game.


When Boston College Throws The Ball: Boston College has been efficient throwing the ball, but nothing other worldly under Dennis Grosel coming in at 93rd in the country. Brent Venables' pass defense has been good, holding opposing teams to 180 yards a game. Advantage: Clemson

When Boston College Runs The Ball: The Eagles have put together a string of games where they have dominated up front and run the ball efficiently. Against a Clemson defensive line that will be without Tyler Davis and Bryan Bresee, the edge goes to the Eagles. Advantage: Boston College

When Clemson Throws the Ball: The Tigers may find a passing game soon, but they haven't shown it yet. Uiagalelei and this passing attack have not shown much yet, falling to 115th in the country. They may figure some things out against Boston College, but until they show they can consistently, the nod goes to the Eagles. Advantage: Boston College

When Clemson Runs The Ball: Don't let the "rankings" fool you here, the Tigers have struggled so far to run the ball. Averaging just 3.03 yards per carry, they have been as complicit in Clemson's struggles as the run. Add in that Will Shipley will miss the game, and BC should have the edge. Advantage: Boston College

Beer of the Game

BC Bulletin Reader Chris Davis, whose son graduated from Clemson submitted this week's suggestion: The beer of the game for Clemson is a Daytona Corona. Buy the biggest PBR you can find, and shove a quarter of a lime in it, rind and all. Drink as the locals at Tiger Town Tavern (Triple T’s) do. -Clemson Alum ‘19

Fun fact to add: Due to the $2 Daytona Coronas, TTT is the #1 distributor of PBR in the world, many years in.

Song Of The Game


Couple of reasons this song was chosen. First, Super Bowl halftime shown is going to be stacked this year with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar. Really excited about that lineup. Secondly, this song goes into the mindframe of this game. BC is on a high right now after last week's game, but need to ground themselves if they want to win on Saturday. 

Fan Excitement: 10/10

The wave of emotion from last week continues in a Saturday night game in Death Valley. Fans all over will be tuning in (or traveling to Clemson) to check out what could be the biggest BC game to date. 

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Prediction: Boston College 27 Clemson 20. 

These are two teams seemingly heading in different directions, as Clemson has struggled to start the season while BC continues to rack up wins. However, don't discredit the Tigers yet, they could easily find that next gear and easily beat the Eagles. That being said I don't think that will happen. If BC can control the ball, get points and do whatever they can to prevent Clemson from figuring out how to get the Tigers offense going, they could win. BC hasn't had a ranked win since 2014, but that will change on Saturday. 

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