Boston College has the biggest game of the year on Saturday as bowl eligibility will be determined against the Pitt Panthers. With two straight losses following a 40-7 blowout loss to Notre Dame, Boston College has to improve if they want win their sixth game and extend their season.  

For head coach Steve Addazio, he is going to keep his program headed in the direction he has sailed them in all year "Nothing different. Just go straight ahead and keep moving. Every week's the same." he told reporters during his weekly press conference on Monday.  "Same Sunday, same Monday, same Tuesday, same Wednesday, nothing different. Just get prepared, go out and have a great plan and keep your motivation high, keep your work ethic high, and have a great week one day at a time." 

For Steve Addazio it is all about execution, he sees the gameplan as working, it just needs to be executed more effectively on the field which means fewer turnovers, dropped passes and turnovers. Against Notre Dame, Boston College's defense hung in well the first half  only allowing one touchdown and three field goals, but it was the offense that couldn't get going. In the second half of the game the offenses inability to stay on the field with sustained drives along with turnovers forced the defense to stay on the field for long periods of time and eventually everything came unglued. 

While losing five of their last seven games, Addazio sees his team progressing and even after Saturday's loss he was able to pull positives out of the first half of the game. "I just think we've seen improvement, we've seen a little bit of the roller coaster ride. That's because of the youth that we have." explained Addazio "We played pretty well in the first half of that game. I thought that was evident. With six minutes left in the third quarter, we turned that thing over, and that got a bit of a momentum turn on us, and that's when it went bang-bang like that. It was a pretty good football game up until that point in time. It's all part of development."

Whether you agree with him or not you know what you are going to get with Steve Addazio's gameplan. Don't expect him to radically change up what the Eagles do on Saturday, they are going to continue with the same system they have been using all year, better or worse.