Top 5 Programs Boston College Football Needs To Schedule

A.J. Black

In college football, good out of conference scheduling is it drives excitement both within and around programs. Part of the fun of out of conference scheduling is getting in new programs that will drum up fan, recruit and player excitement. Let's look at some potential exciting matchups that Boston College could try and get on their schedule moving forward.

Teams already on BC's future schedule: Kansas (2020), Purdue (2020), Missouri (2021/2024), Rutgers (2022), UConn (2022/2023), Notre Dame (2022/2025), Army (2023/2028), Michigan State (2024/2025), Cincinnati (2026/2027), Ohio State (2026/2027), Stanford (2028/2029)

5. Colorado State Rams: This wouldn't be a Power 5 game, but you can't tell me that Boston College fans wouldn't like to see their team battle former head coach Steve Addazio. Get this on campus, and fans would certainly pack Alumni Stadium to see a potential Hafley vs. Addazio matchup. Teams are never going to fill up their schedule with all P5 opponents, so adding a game between these now connected programs would make a lot of sense (though I'm sure a certain coach in Fort Collins might disagree). The two teams have played before, in 2014, in an infamous game that the Eagles blew late, losing 24-21. 

4.  Wisconsin Badgers: The Badgers have always had a team profile that mirrored the Eagles. While Wisconsin has been more successful, they are big physical team on both sides of the ball, something BC usually tries to emulate. Getting these two programs together on the field could be a big physical game that could be enjoyable to watch. This would be a fresh new matchup as well as the two programs have never played each other. 

3. UCLA Bruins: Another unique program that Boston College hasn't faced, UCLA has a few reasons that makes this an attractive matchup. First off, scheduling a home and home with the Bruins would be a great sell for all Eagles fans. Of course BC fans would want to see them at home, but many may want to make the trip out west to see the two play in a very attractive away environment. On top of that it would give west coast Eagles alumni a chance to see the team live, which as we saw with the USC game was very popular. If the Eagles want to continue recruiting in California as well this would give the program face time with these recruits.

2. Georgia Bulldogs:  The Eagles and Bulldogs have a history in bowl games, with Boston College winning both matchups, in the 2001 Music City Bowl and 1986 in the Hall of Fame Bowl. Georgia has been a machine as of late, and would be a huge favorite over the Eagles, but if the new staff can push the Eagles back to a 9-10 win team, anything could happen. BC fans have been hoping for a marquee matchup, and the Georgia Bulldogs would be that team. On top of that, a game at Sanford Stadium would be an attractive RV trip for many Boston College fans and alumni. 

1. Michigan Wolverines: Jim Harbaugh's team has become a thorn in BC's side over the past six years. First they stole the Eagles defensive coordinator Don Brown. This happened just months after he put together one of the best defenses in the country in 2015. Then the Wolverines and Brown have targeted their recruiting efforts on New England and have stole some of the prized recruits from the area. BC played Michigan four times in the 90's and lost every matchup. Two strong academic programs, from the North, this would be a slam dunk.

Just missed the list: Penn State, Navy/Air Force, Brigham Young

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BC had a perfect opportunity to schedule UCLA. In 2023, UCLA was scheduled to play Michigan, but the series was canceled so Michigan could play Hawaii and East Carolina. BC had an opening on the schedule in 2023, and the only "marquee" program on the docket is Army. It would have been a perfect opportunity to line the two schools up, but alas BC filled the last OOC opening with NIU instead. FWIW, UCL still has an OOC opening in 2023 if BC wants to cancel NIU or UConn. They can kick the return game years down the road if that is the holdup.





Hi AJ, and thank you for making BC Athletics always fun to follow.

I am personally happy that BC and Addazio parted ways but would not be interested to see him back at the heights as an adversary the same way I was not with Spaziani.

I would frankly use the slot to attract a program that would attract a different and probably more festive crowd to BC.

In that sense I would love for BC to play an LSU, Alabama or Tennessee in the near future even if it means a big loss.
Bring in Florida or Texas and give us a chance to recruit a state where some kids like Montell Harris feel their local powerhouse snubbed them.

I truly believe that we have shown our best and our best attendance especially when we played powerful programs. Winning against USC was improbable at best but is still my favorite recent memory. Winning against UCONN was just a nice moment.


Yeah I’m good without a 40-7 loss at UGA. P5 non-conference games need to at least be winnable. G5 non-conference games need to be guaranteed wins.