Boston College 48 Georgia Tech 27: Grading the Eagles

A.J. Black

Boston College jumped back into the win column on Saturday with a decisive 48-27 win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. This was a total team effort, with each group making big plays throughout the game. Here are our grades for each positional unit.

(Because of COVID-19 this evaluation was done using the network TV feed. There certainly were moments the video missed. We did the best we could to evaluate what was visible. Also for grading: A: Great Game, B:Good Game, C: Average Game D: Below Average F: Poor Game)

(Because of COVID-19 this evaluation was done using the network TV feed. There certainly were moments the video missed)

Quarterback: A. Did Phil Jurkovec throw for 300 yards? No. But did he have to? No. Jurkovec executed the team's game plan perfectly. He was efficient with the ball, he ran the ball nicely (season high 93 rushing yards), and effortlessly avoided pressure. It was not a game he had to play super man, but he did everything he needed to do.

Running Backs: A. Jeff Hafley has preached all season that this team would be able to run the ball, and last night we saw what they are capable of doing. David Bailey had two rushing touchdowns, and looked big and physical, like many had hoped he would be. Not a knock, but curious why Travis Levy is getting more rushes than Bailey at this point. Levy had 19 touches, compared to 14 for Bailey---and I thought Bailey was a much better runner. 

Offensive Line: A+. Ok, I admit, I was a little tough on this group last week, giving them a C-. But that was because I knew what they were capable of, and the high level they could bring to the field. They played lights out on Saturday. Jurkovec wasn't sacked, and didn't seem to ever be pressured. The run game had holes all game long. Jurkovec said after the game, they could have just run the ball all game, and the yards would have been there. The offensive line played at an elite level on Saturday night, and this is a huge boost moving forward.

Wide Receivers/Tight End: A. CJ Lewis was the star in the passing game, with two touchdown catches, giving him three on the season. Hunter Long had three catches, Jaelen Gill had a pair of catches. The reason they had a great game though was their run blocking. It is crucial to have wide receivers who are willing to block, and BC has it.  

Defensive Line: B+. Overall a really good game up front by this unit. I tallied big plays by Shittah Sillah, Chibueze Onwuka, Max Roberts and Luc Bequette. They were solid in the pass rush, they held their own on the run. Only knock was the big roughing the passer call on Marcus Valdez that negated an interception. At the time GT was starting to creep back into the game, and this would have effectively ended the game. It was kind of a bang bang play however, but it seems like these types of plays happen a bit too often to the Eagles. 

Linebackers: A. Max Richardson and Isaiah McDuffie were dominant in their performance on Saturday night. The pair combined for 12 tackles, but they also had a pair of big tackles for loss that changed the complexion of drives. They did a nice job containing Jeff Sims who only averaged 3.9 yards a carry, and Jahmyr Gibbs only averaged 1.1 yard a carry. 

Secondary: B. One of those games where the group played well, but you can certainly see room for improvement. On one hand they had a pair of turnovers, including an incredible interception by Jahmin Muse. But on the other there were some issues in red zone coverage that allowed for two touchdown catches. They also lost Josh DeBerry early in the game on a very questionable targeting call. Definitely not their strongest game but did what they needed to do.

Special Teams: A. Only had to punt the ball three times all game, one was downed inside the five yard line. Aaron Boumerhi hit both of his field goal attempts. No kickoff or punt returns in the game. 

Coaching: A. This is going to be a game where my grades are glowing. But this is because there were a set of objectives the team set out to do, and they hit almost every marker. Improved rushing attack? Check. Great job by the offensive line? Check. Balance on offense? Check. Defense improvement on tackling? Check. The staff clearly did what they needed to do to get this team prepared, and their gameplan was near perfect. When a staff gets a team ready, and they execute on the field like they did, that gets a high score from me. 

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No. 1-5

BC is only a 31 point underdog to Clemson. The bettors believe that BC is superior to Syracuse. They were a 40 point underdog. The Orange were competitive to the 4th quarter. Hope the Eagles can compete the entire game. 2. A very solid win over GT. They got ahead three touchdowns and ran the clock out.


I think these are good grades. Probably the best game of the year for the D-line. Some of the best/ most consistent pressure without blitzing. Interestingly enough, the secondary probably had its worst game of the year, notwithstanding the interception and the one that was called back. They gave up two big TDs and seemed out of sync. Sebastian picked up a late hit personal foul, and an eff-it PI. We should all have confidence they’ll bounce back, but every unit will have to be at their best next week.

Thomas Rayam
Thomas Rayam

The Magic Man was in rare form and did a great job, getting the ball into the hands of all the play makers. A Player with abilities of Jurkovec has the opportunity to be mentioned in a line of great Bc quarterbacks. The ability to get outside the pocket and throwing and running the ball give the offense serval options good job "Majic" Man!
The receivers were all competing for the balls; Lewis jumping in front of Long on a TD. good to see players reaching new heights! Hunter long showed that he is versatile also in the offensive attack, getting double and having to be a more of a blocker he did a great job without the ball.
It was good to see the coaches trusting or believing in #26 David Bailey! a heavy dose of that kid would soften any defense, very happy to see him running into the end zone! BC will need him next week!!
The offensive had their best game of the season! was it pretty no! was it mistake free no! the Majic Man got hit when he shouldn't have! in the slide protection you can see linemen getting to a area where there were nobody to slide to and #6 coming up field hitting the QB. Some combo blocks could have been better but as a unit you have got to take your hats off to them for working to make a stance! I love the efforts up front!!
It was said by a long time Patriots Nose Guard Vince Wilfork," that if players are making plays or stops in front of me and on either side of me then that means that the middle of the line is being Solidified"! #99 bring that into play when you see #14,#55,#93 #96 #44 getting feed really good! taking on combo to allow these guys to free flow is the job of a good Nose Guard, not getting to Accolade from those who dont know but seeing that the defense make plays that helps the TEAM WIN! KEEP WINNING #99!
The linebackers will always be my favorite because they play with a passion that has to be! if not the best in the country as a group. They getting to Roam and are filling holes a lot! are they Flawless! No! but I would put them up against any one in the country.
Our secondary has added some good names to the crew! DeBerry and Maitre, Jones, Muse and of course Sebastian are all playing their but off because of the the lack of play last year! but there is one more player over there that has played his but off as well and could be leading in INTS if it wasn't for penalties and that is Mike Palmer! Is he the fastest! No! but it looks like to me, just like a good nose guard the middle of our field is be solidified by time on the job and not Propaganda! Lets keep going back to basics! Encouragement make us all better!


How nice is it to have a kicker that gets you 3 consistently- changes the game completely.


Best game BC has played so far. Glad they showed they can take advantage of another teams weakness and execute as a unit everywhere. Curious to see how much carries over to Clemson, a team thats just in theory so much better.