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Louisville 28 Boston College 14: Quick Thoughts on the Defense

A look at the play of BC's defense in Saturday's loss

Boston College dropped their third straight game on Saturday, falling to Louisville 28-14 in a rain soaked Cardinal Stadium. Here are some of our takeaways from the loss on the defensive side of the ball.

* Malik Cunningham is an elite athlete and showed it again on Saturday, gashing and rushing for three touchdowns, some of which were incredible highlight reel films. At some point you have to just look at a guy like Cunningham and realize you don't have the athletes to neutralize him, especially once he got to the second level. BC at times struggled to slow him down immediately, and once he was getting one on one opportunities at linebackers like Vinny DePalma, it wasn't fair.

* That being said, Hafley even mentioned there were issues with assignments and defenders in the wrong gaps. 

* Thought the secondary had a very good game. They forced two interceptions and Cunningham was basically unable to add that piece of the game to his repertoire. Brandon Sebastian had an incredible interception that led to his injury, JT Thompson forced a fumble, and Jaiden Woodbey made a nice break on a pass to force an interception. 


* That being said, Woodbey, and Elijah Jones had two brain fart penalties that really cost BC. Cunningham launched a pass downfield that was no where near the receiver, but Jones clearly interfered, which led to a touchdown. While Woodbey got called on a ticky tack face masking penalty that kept the winning drive alive. 

* I have no idea why Louisville even tried throwing the ball, when they had so much success on the ground. If they continued to just run the ball, BC would have no answer, which is concerning moving forward against the nation's best rusher, Syracuse's running back Sean Tucker

* Hafley said the turnovers would come, and they certainly did. But it was a shame that the Eagles only converted seven points out of all those mistakes. 

* Zero sacks on the day. They now have two in the last four games.