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Who Should Boston College's Permanent Opponents Be if ACC Changes Scheduling?

A look at the trio of teams that could fill BC's schedule if the ACC does change their schedule

The ACC is rumored to be looking at eliminating divisions as early as the 2023 season according to multiple reports. If that were to happen, the conference is looking a variety of scheduling models, but the one that is getting the most traction would include three permanent opponents, while all other programs would appear on the schedule twice every four years. 

For many schools, those permanent opponents seem pretty clear. The Tobacco Road schools probably will have some sort of combination of those schools, while other schools may look at scheduling on geographic proximity. 

Boston College on the other hand is a bit murky. To get a better gauge of what team's might land on their schedule, we have broken down the conference into three tiers. Tier 1 is "definitely will be a permanent opponent", Tier 2 is "possibly a permanent opponent", while Tier 3 is "doubtful". 


In all likelihood there is only one team that will be a lock for BC's future schedule, the Syracuse Orange. The two teams have a proximity in terms of geography which is important for travel, they share a history dating back to the Big East, and both target many of the same recruits. The two teams have played 54 times, with the Orange leading the series 32-22. 


Here is where the uncertainty begins to really come to the surface. There are four teams here, and each has a solid argument. Pitt and Miami both have played BC extensively due to their time in the Big East. Pitt is about as close to a regional rival as it gets. Miami of course have had some historic battles with the Eagles dating back years, including arguably the biggest game in BC's history in 1984. Virginia Tech has been slotted as BC's cross conference rivals since the Eagles joined in 2004. Since then the two teams have had some big battles, but the Hokies may have other teams they will want to add that have more significance to their program. Clemson is a national powerhouse, and the two schools have a long history, and a trophy the "O'Rourke-McFadden". The Tigers may have their schedule packed though with FSU and Georgia Tech almost certainly locking themselves in. 

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The rest. Now there could be an argument that Wake Forest or NC State, two teams that have been part of BC's schedule since the Eagles entered the conference. But both teams probably will have their slots filled with other Tobacco Road schools. Duke, UNC, and Georgia Tech really have nothing in common football wise, and no shared history and wouldn't make sense. Louisville even though they are part of the Atlantic picture, also wouldn't be a good fit with Boston College. Florida State will have plenty of options that they will consider better than the Eagles.

Projected Trio: Syracuse, Virginia Tech & Pitt

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