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Boston College Missouri Third Quarter Recap

The Eagles open up a strong lead against the Tigers.

The Boston College Eagles got the ball out of the half and did not disappoint. With a tie-ball game, they drove down the field relatively easily. The Eagles' offensive line finally found their groove, clearing massive running lanes for Pat Garwo. Dennis Grosel also had a very solid drive. He tried to dial up another deep ball but couldn't get it to Zay Flowers, who was double-covered.

But Grosel made up for it later in the drive. He made a great scramble on third down to get a conversion. He threaded some really nice passes over the middle to Jaelen Gill and CJ Lewis. A 38-yarder to Lewis got BC inside the 10 and just two plays later, Pat Garwo galloped into the end zone for his second touchdown. 

The Eagles' fortunes did not turn there. After a traditional kickoff out-of-bounds by Danny Longman, Connor Bazelak threw an interception to Josh DeBerry. It looked like Bazelak did not see DeBerry underneath and he lept up to high-point the ball and make a tremendous catch. 

BC put together another time-consuming drive, riding Pat Garwo down the field. A big Dennis Grosel scramble got called back for a questionable holding call on Trae Barry. But he scrambled again and got the first with a long extension on 4th and 4. Unfortunately, the Eagles could not finish the drive in the end zone and they settled for a field goal to take a 27-17 lead. 


Missouri got the ball back with 40 seconds left. The Tigers possess the ball for only one minute and 18 seconds in the third quarter.  

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