New ACC 2020 Schedule Model For Boston College Football

A.J. Black

The ACC released an updated schedule model for the upcoming 2020 season, and Boston College's opponents and schedule look to be drastically different. 

The Eagles will now be hosting a game against rivals Notre Dame, who originally was not on the schedule. This game is not a surprise as ACC commissioner John Swofford has said that he was going to help out the Fighting Irish. The other storyline to watch is that this could impact BC's ability to get a waiver for quarterback Phil Jurkovec.

On top of that change, Boston College no longer will be playing their divisional foes Florida State, NC State, or Wake Forest and they will be the only three ACC teams the Eagles do not face in 2020. 

However, BC will now add Clemson on the road, making it two games at Death Valley in a row for the squad. No matter where Boston College played the Tigers, they would have been an underdog. On top of that change BC has added games against Duke, Virginia, Pitt and Georgia Tech. 

Adding UVA, GT and Duke are a huge plus for the Eagle as all three teams should now be considered underdogs to Jeff Hafley's squad. 

The big question mark will be the undisclosed out of conference game. If the Eagles add Army, Navy, UConn, UMass or a MAC squad that could be a win.  

Just looking for bowl eligibility, this new schedule looks to be a positive for Jeff Hafley's squad. Duke, GT, Syracuse, Pitt, Virginia, and the out of conference game all look very winnable. It would just be up to the team to take one of those other games. 

This is just a model, so there may be changes. But what do you think of the new schedule? 

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I like playing more of the ACC teams. Hopefully it will continue in 2022. Interesting to see if ND joins ACC. I like the 2 divisions, only reallign them more geographically with UVA and VTech in our division. I'd also like to see 10 ACC games each year.

Quierra Luck
Quierra Luck

I'm intrigued to see how this schedule plays out and if it will be implemented in the future!


AJ the last time I went to a BC Norte Dame Night game at BC was with my friend Jameson 🤣 would love to do it again. 8*


Phil Steele Rankings

--Returning Starters: Home/Away: OFF: DEF: QB:

62 Boston College 6 9 No

2 Clemson A 5 6 Yes
8 Notre Dame H 7 5 Yes
16 North Carolina H 10 7 Yes
18 Virginia Tech A 8 5 Yes
31 Pittsburgh H 8 5 Yes
41 Louisville H 8 5 Yes
52 Virginia A 7 8 No
72 Duke A 7 7 No
85 Georgia Tech H 9 10 No
95 Syracuse A 7 4 Yes


Great. Hope ACC goes to a 10 game conference schedule every year and eliminates the divisions. Who cares about bowl eligibility. Think big. TOB always said they were competing for conference championships and thus national titles. If Jurkovec is denied a waiver the NCAA is even more suspect and likely corrupt.