Boston College 13 Pitt 9: BC's Defense The Difference In First Half

A.J. Black

Boston College has taken an early lead against Pitt, and it has been the defense that has been the difference for the Eagles. The Eagles have been doing their usual on offense, running the ball on first and second down to mixed results, and trying to pass it when they could. 

In the first half Pitt struggled mightily on offense, with three fumbles (two lost), four sacks allowed and the worst news was that quarterback Kenny Pickett was injured in the second quarter after a hit by Marcus Valdez (but later returned). Tanner Karafa had a strong first half as well with a sack and fumble recovery. 

The Eagles got prime field position on the turnovers but could only get six points on a pair of Aaron Boumerhi field goals, Pitt was able to get a field goal of their own and it was 6-3 Eagles midway through the first quarter. BC got the big play though when David Bailey, AJ Dillon and Dennis Grosel all had big runs on a drive that was capped off on a huge 30 yard play action pass from Grosel to Hunter Long for a touchdown.  Some bad defense by the Eagles at the half as they allowed Pickett to throw a 26 yard pass and get Kessman in range who hit a field goal to end the half. 

Other than play there wasn't much to talk about, Dennis Grosel really couldn't get much going on offense (5 for 14 74 yards), AJ Dillon and David Bailey (89 yards) couldn't consistently run the ball against a Pitt defense, and Pitt's offense really struggled against a strangely effective Boston College defense. 

Pitt will get the ball to start the second half.

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