Boston College vs. Pitt: Final Thoughts And Predictions

The regular season ends tomorrow for the Eagles.
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Boston College will wrap up their regular season on Saturday as they face off with the defending Coastal Champion Pitt Panthers at Heinz Field. This is a game that has huge implications for the Eagles, a win would mean a bowl the sixth in seven years for Steve Addazio. A loss and the Eagles will be done for the year and Martin Jarmond could be looking for a new head coach soon. 

Pitt is going to be a huge challenge for the Eagles as they have one of the best rushing defenses in the country. Only allowing 92 yards per game, Pitt has allowed an average of 2.7 yards per carry, which may be a major problem for AJ Dillon and David Bailey. The Panthers quarterback, Kenny Pickett is a can be lethal and if BC's defense struggles he could be primed for a huge game. 

 Three Questions That Need To Be Answered Against Pitt

Boston College: Final Thoughts, Three Questions For Pitt Game


When Pitt Runs The Ball: Advantage Boston College. At this point in the season I would not say BC has an advantage against any rushing attack, but Pitt can't move the ball at all on the ground ranking 112th in the country. I'll give BC the slight advantage here

When Pitt throws the ball: Advantage Pitt. BC's passing defense is near the bottom in the country and as we have seen good passing offenses tear them apart. Pitt is solid through the air, not spectacular but they have the weapons to make this a big game if BC is sloppy again. 

When Boston College runs the ball: Advantage Pitt. This could be the matchup that determines this game, Pitt can stop the run and BC needs to run the ball to move the ball. Pitt has talent up and down the defense which means they could load up the box and dominate the Eagles

When Boston College passes the ball: Advantage Pitt. Pitt's pass defense is 34th in the country, and BC's passing attack is near the bottom. Panthers should have a clear advantage her. 

Beer Of The Game

Mast Landing: DASH. Had this beer yesterday with Thanksgiving dinner and it was delicious. Had a bit of an after taste which knocked it down a few pegs, but I thought the flavor was slightly bitter, slightly fruity and definitely drinkable.

Song of the Week

Readers have mocked for years for picking rap songs every week, so to prove to you all that I do listen to more than just hip hop here is a song that needed to be the song of the week. It is just too appropriate and hits on the mood surrounding the program going into the season finale. 

Fan Excitement: 0/10


I have written these previews for over seven years, and this is one of two times that I have seen such little excitement or buzz around a team. Which is sad, because tomorrow could be the last time we see AJ Dillon in maroon and gold, and there is something on the line for the Eagles, a bowl game. However, losing five out of seven games can be deflating, and that is exactly how BC fans are feeling right now. 

Prediction Contest

It is not too late to join our contest, BC Maven is giving away a $25 gift card to the BC Bookstore for the winner, $15 for second and $10 for third. Remember all you have to do is get your predictions in the comment section below. If you want to win, just enter your comment with your score. Good luck!

Big Daddy Kane: 9 Points

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AJ's Prediction

Pittsburgh 38 Boston College 17. I think this is going to be an anti-climatic end to the season, where the Eagles match up poorly against a squad that can shut down BC's strength, the run. This game looks to be a culmination of the year's issues boiled down to 4 quarters.