According to Report There Is Mutual Interest Between Steve Addazio and Rutgers

Could the head coach be leaving soon?

There was an interesting article up this morning on, giving an update on Rutgers coaching search. After Greg Schiano reportedly turned down the job offer, the Scarlet Knights have moved on to Plan B. And according to the report that candidate could be Boston College head coach Steve Addazio. 

According to the report, there are sources who say that not only is Rutgers interested in Addazio, but apparently the interest in mutual. The source further explains that the BC head coach has "expressed a desire to interview for the position". Also according to the report there are big Rutgers people pushing for him including Mater Dei Prep head coach Dino Mangiero. Interestingly, the story further elaborates that he is interested in this job whether the Eagles defeat Pittsburgh and make a bowl or not. 

Addazio, although he has a limited ceiling would bring some stability to a Rutgers program that has been a mess the past five years. His ability to bring his teams to bowls yearly would be attractive to a program that has struggled to get to one. And his love of the run would be a great fit in the Big Ten and give Rutgers a team personality that it has sorely lacked. 

This is certainly a story worth watching. If Addazio leaves for Rutgers it would make Martin Jarmond's post season decision that much easier and allow for BC to jump into the coaching carousel early.  Addazio is reportedly on the hot seat here in Chestnut Hill as the Eagles could miss out on bowl season if they lose to Pitt on Saturday. We will keep you up to date if more information comes out on this.