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Final Grades For Boston College's Performance Against Temple

A look at the Boston College game against Temple, handing out grades on their performance.

On Saturday, Boston College defeated Temple 28-3 in a game that was dominated by the Eagles defense. Here are our grades for the game. 


Just going off his yardage stats, Dennis Grosel didn't have a great. But remember he wasn't asked to pass all that often. He had a nice touchdown pass to Jaden Williams, but on the next drive left to much air on a pass to the freshman wide out and was intercepted. After that he was just a game facilitator. There were some concerns coming out of this game though, Grosel held on to the ball too long at times, and seemed indecisive on whether to just tuck it and run or get rid of it. Some of that may be that he was trying to limit mistakes, but he is going to need to clean that up for the Missouri game. Grade: C

Running Back 

It was a home coming game for Pat Garwo III who was playing in front of a large group of family and friends. He looked strong at times, but by the third quarter the running attack ground to a halt. Luckily by the fourth quarter, Temple was worn down, the Eagles brought in Alec Sinkfield and BC was able to grab a pair of touchdowns to put it away on Dennis Grosel keeper. The backs themselves didn't have any huge gains, which was disappointing, but they helped move the ball. Grade B-

Wide Receivers

It is really hard to give this group a grade. Jaden Williams had a big catch, Zay Flowers had a 50 yard run, but other than that they were pretty much inconsequential to the game plan. 28 total receiving yards for the group, 19 of which came on the opening touchdown catch. They weren't effective but they weren't bad either. Grade C+ 

Tight Ends

One catch for six yards. Definitely played more of a role as run blockers. Just hard to grade given the telecast. Grade: Inc

Offensive Line

On one hand they gave Dennis Grosel all the time in the world to throw the ball, but on the other they weren't the graters that many hoped would blast open huge holes for the running game. As Hafley said after the game, there were little things they have to keep cleaning up like missed assignments, but it's not just that. Here is an example of the offensive line getting beat. 

BC is going to face a MUCH better defensive line this week against Missouri, they can not afford to have whiffs like that happen. Grade C


Defensive Line

One of the best complete games I have see out of this unit under Jeff Hafley. It seemed like every single player that got a snap had a big moment. Whether it was Brandon Barlow's forced fumble, Khris Banks' two big sacks, or big plays from the freshmen, this group owned the front line. Boston College at points only rushed three and pulled eight into coverage, and STILL got pressure. Fantastic game that hopefully is a taste of what is to come Grade: A+


Just like the defensive line, the linebackers also had a big day. Isaiah Graham Mobley had the biggest game of his BC career with eight tackles, none bigger than a missile hit on Temple quarterback Justin Lynch of 4th and short. He is going to be a major factor for this defense, and looks ready to take over the role left behind by Max Richardson and Isaiah McDuffie. Bryce Steele and Kam Arnold both also had big moments as well. Grade: A

Defensive Backs

The stats don't jump out, but the eye ball test does. There were two plays of around 30 yards, but other than that the cornerbacks did not allow anything big. On top of that the Eagles forced four sacks, and almost every one was on the defensive back field locking down wide receivers. Grade A

Special Teams

Grant Carlson had one of the best games in his career, averaging 51.2 yards and having two punts go inside the 20. Travis Levy opened the game with a huge kick return for 67 yards. Grade A


The defense broke out of their shell, and looked primed and ready to play. This is the type of unit that will win games for the Eagles. The offense leaned heavily on the power run game, and didn't seem all that interested throwing the ball, which looked to be by design. Would have liked to see Grosel make a few more throws, but that probably will change against Temple The mistakes and penalties were cleaned up. Grade B+


It was a defensive masterpiece, and arguably the best performance under Jeff Hafley (albeit against Temple). The offense was tough to watch at times, and we will have to see what kind of game plan they bring against Missouri, because it clearly can't mirror what we saw on Saturday or the Eagles will have a very tough game. But a win is a win.  Grade B