Game Observations (Offense): Boston College 24 Texas State 21

A.J. Black

It wasn't easy, but Boston College came from behind to defeat Texas State 24-21 on Saturday evening. 

Here is my instant analysis of the performance by the Boston College offense:

* The offensive gameplan felt very disjointed until the fourth quarter. Frank Cignetti tried to let Phil Jurkovec do his thing, but it took three quarter to get that going. The offense seemed to hot potato around from shotgun, to some runs with Levy, to a wildly ineffective wildcat, to a very successful short and intermediate game. Hopefully as the team begins to gel and play more the playcalling will adjust as well. 

* Jurkovec needs to get rid of the ball quicker, and be more selective on his passes. He has thrown the ball into triple coverage a handful of times now, good defenses are going to eat him up if he continues doing that. 

* That being said, he is a winner. When the going got tough, he made plays and was very effective in the fourth quarter. Hafley joked about it post game saying that he was going to have to tell Jurkovec every quarter is the fourth quarter. There are players that kick up their game in tougher situations, through two games it is clear Jurkovec is one of those players. 

* Where was David Bailey? He only had two rushes at halftime, and eight on the game. I thought this would be a game he would be featured, and he was an afterthought. Hafley had no answer to this after the game, saying he needed to watch the tapes to get more of an answer. 

* Jaelen Gill is starting to ease into the lineup. When Zay Flowers and Hunter Long weren't open he was the primary target and had some nice catches. Had four catches on the day. Can easily see Gill growing in this offense. 

* The offensive line still doesn't look fully comfortable. Now some of the pressure on Jurkovec was because he held on to the ball too long, but the line still doesn't feel as dominant as they could be. Not sure if there was a change in blocking scheme from last year, or because of the change in positions. 

* BC is going to need to figure out how to attack defenses when Zay Flowers and Hunter Long are getting extra attention. Opposing coaches are going to watch game film and say "Ok we have to cover Flowers and Long, throw help out there too". So where does the ball go now? Jaelen Gill? CJ Lewis? Travis Levy? 

* Hunter Long is going to be one of the Top 3 tight ends in the country. Clearly #1 is Kyle Pitts of UF who had four touchdowns today, but Long should be in that group right under him. 

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Offensive line looks very weak, it's not the lack of talent; it appears to be the lack of coaching. Not impressed with Matt Applebaum so far, the offensive line struggled against a very inferior Texas State Defensive front. Only the first too games so I won't get carried away but Applebaum needs to step it up. A few sacks were on Jurkovec, but the o-line failed to open holes when running the ball. If they play like this next week, North Carolina will roll over them 49-0.


I’ll offer a couple fairly simple observations and comments.
Agree the OL is underperforming, especially in the run game. Seems to be more in missed assignments than a player getting beat physically. As a former lineman, I think this is more a result of odd/changing defensive formations and stunts than our malfeasance. Defensive coaches know it’s inadvisable to take on BC’s OL Mano e’ Mano, so they play games. We need to adjust.
Our RBs have been a disappointment. They seem to get the yards that are there, but very rarely (never?) make defenders miss. I can watch almost any game at any level and see faster, shiftier backs ripping off nice gains by creativity and nimbleness. BC - not so much. Why do we not get those kind of backs? They clearly are quite bountiful.
The play-calling is improved - how could it not be? - but still not great. At this point, our passing game is more effective than our run game - use it! I get wanting to establish a better run game, but when it’s not working, don’t waste downs doing something we can’t do - we don’t have that luxury. Go with what works (see our last two scoring drives).
The defense just cannot play in space. We don’t have the players to do that. We cannot play man in the back, yet. Corners are closer to being able to than safeties and LBs. Our best pass defense is pressure.
Spreading BC out is the formula to beat us. Kansas did it; Tex St did it. Duke to some extent. Just like the OL comment above, teams know unless your name is Clemson or Alabama, don’t slug it out w BC in the trenches. We better figure out what to do about this.


Someone is going to have to explain the targeting rule, in plain English, because the (no) targeting call on Texas State (the second hit on Levy at the end of the game) that was reversed made absolutely no sense.

Similarly, what is and what is not offensive pass interference?

Although WR Marcell Barbee had himself a helluva game, his one-handed catch downfield over Elijah Jones to take Texas State down to Boston College's 24, could have easily been OPI on Barbee for pushing off on Jones.


The roughing the passer call when that Texas State player was a so stupid & so incredibly late shoving Jurk out of bounds was a absolute gift from the football Gods.

I re-ran the replay but could not get his number? I don’t know who it was, but BC was down to last play. Anyone know who it was?

Solid Clock management which is an 11 year change from “Chief Take-A-Knee” Spazoo and “I’ll just punt” against FSU coward loser Addazio.

Texas State outplayed BC.

BC has a lot to work on, but 2-0 is 2-0.

Thomas Rayam
Thomas Rayam

The win showed that This Team is gaining ground! That come back was a team effort and one person can’t take the credit! I don’t think that would have happened last year!
Offense is in a learning curve, the 4th quarter really needs to be studied! Vintage BC football quick fast and on target! But needed a little more Bailey!!!
The fourth was big for the Defense also! Made stops when they had to! Although 3rd downs are kills them! Can’t get off the field, giving up runs and short passes that keep drives alive!
But a win is a win!


This felt like Kansas until it didn’t. Game plan felt like they were experimenting and got down big. Levy probably ran too much, needed Bailey. Gill did well, was glad to see him more! Hopefully they were seeing this week if “let Jurk run around and YEET the ball” would work twice, and next week they integrate more of the quick read stuff.

Defense was more like last year but better, still allowed 11 yards on 2nd and 13, missed plenty of tackles, and DB’s weren’t as on top of things in coverage once Muse got kicked out. But, they did it when it counted. Baby steps.


AJ Black quotes of the day:
"Phil is a winner." "There are players that kick up their game in tougher situations, through two games, it is clear Jurkovec is one of those players."


The final three scoring drives were patented Green Bay Packer, (two minute drill), short passes-offense resulting in two TDs and a game winning FG. Awesome