Five Questions Boston College Has to Answer Against Virginia Tech

A.J. Black

Boston College is set to face off with the Virginia Tech Hokies on Saturday at 8pm in Blacksburg. VT is fresh off a loss to UNC, while the Eagles rebounded with a thrilling OT win against Pitt. Both teams need a victory, with a potential Top 25 ranking in the balance. But what does Boston College have to do to win this weekend? Let's explore.

1. Can the Eagles run the ball?

As we have mentioned before the rushing attack is near the bottom of the country in almost every metric. Up to this point this hasn't hurt the Eagles, as they have been able to rattle off three wins, and average 26 points a game. Virginia Tech's rushing defense has struggled as well. Does Boston College need to be like they were in 2019? Absolutely not. But the team does need to be able to run the ball when they want to, and average four yards a carry. Can they do that though?

2. Can the Eagles slow down Khalil Herbert?

Earlier this week, Jeff Hafley referred to the Kansas transfer's rushing statistics as "video game numbers". The new Hokie running back is averaging over 10 yards a carry, and has five touchdowns already through three games. Last season against the Eagles he rushed the ball 11 times for 181 yards. This could be one of the best running backs they have faced all year. 

3. Can the Eagles limit mental mistakes?

Jeff Hafley has talked about how the Eagles have left points on the board and that they continue to make mistakes that need to be cleaned up. Whether that is turnovers, penalties, dropped passes, or missed opportunities, BC needs to limit the sloppiness this weekend. 

4.  How will the Eagles contain Hendon Hooker?

The Virginia Tech signal caller will get his first true start of the season after missing two and a half games. He is a difference maker for the Hokies, last year after he took over, the offense was much more efficient. He threw for 1555 yards and 13 touchdowns while rushing for five more. Hooker is probably the most mobile out of any QB BC has faced this year, which will be a unique challenge in itself. The Eagles are going to need to keep him in check, because he can put up a lot of points in a hurry. 

5. Can Jurkovec continue his magic?

BC is four games into the season, and every game seemingly has a big moment from transfer quarterback Phil Jurkovec. Last week against Pitt, he threw for three touchdowns and ran another one in on route to an ACC Quarterback of the Week honor. If the rushing attack can't get going, or BC falls behind, it may be up to Jurkovec to lead the Eagles to victory again. 

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Thomas Rayam
Thomas Rayam

On any given day a Team can be Beaten! Teams that win understand what takes to compete on every down. Football is a Gritty game, but Those Teams Like The Patriots bring that Grit plus Class to the sport. BC MUST stay in control.
I hope and Believe that the Ground Game gets a boost from #26 Bailey, allowing him to get the carriers we all have anticipated. This could be his break out game that would allow # 5 aka " The Magic Man" to control the offense with a flow that keep VTs defense on their Heels. A bunch of Bailey, A lot of Hunter and Tons of ZAY would create doubt in VTs average skilled defense. Being a Oline Coach, none of this is possible if the 5 BIG GUYS upfront dont bring that Grit plus Class on the field. The Offense Line has got to make it uncomfortable for VTs DLINE AND LINBACKERS. Working together on making good Combo blocks, getting to The Linebacker depth or second level allowing the running backs to run wild. Communicating and Picking up the stunts and blitz's that make Jurkovec have to rush his Magic, The Oline controls all that! As BCs defense take the field, the 8 man rotation up front has got to control the Gaps, they cant get turned out of the gaps and hung up on the blockers. The Dline has to get off blocks and make plays, using violent hands and that Grit. They cant let Herbert break the line of scrimmage, he will tear a new hole, Again Grit and Class has to be apart of the plan. The Line backers are as good or better than a lot of teams have. Continue to a factor in the packages, remaining under control but bring the Grit be a force. The secondary that include players like Sebastian, Palmer and DeBerry and a few more have held down some good receivers. One of them back there is due for a pick 6, I hope its this week!
and finally let score on special team who ever it may be! Grit + Class


I think with the ability to control the outside on defense with our DB’s even while blitzing, I think the defense will hold its own against a great offense (and rush attack). It won’t shut it down, but I think it’ll be enough to not allow 40. From there, I think the run game can do enough to supplement a Jurkovec air raid that doesn’t care about any DB’s coming back. Close, competitive, fun, and stressful game.


Going to have to clean up all penalties and have no turnovers. If they can pull that off will be in great shape for victory. Slow down Herbert/Hooker is key on defense, not worried about VT passing attack with our DBs (hopefully Jones and Palmer back?)

BC has won two straight vs VT and Jurk is best all around football player BC has had since Kueckly. He will be one of top players on field at most important position, minus Clemson (we will fight in that game) BC has chance to win every game left.