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It hasn't been pretty for the Eagles in Death Valley as the Clemson Tigers have played a near flawless game dominating the Eagles 38-7. The story of the game of has been Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne who have been completely unstoppable by a Boston College defense that looks slow and out of place against the Tigers, who have 400 yards in the first half. 

Lawrence, has gone 15/18 for 212 yards and two touchdowns in the first half. Justyn Ross has been wide open on numerous catches, and leads the Tigers with 60 receiving yards through the half. Travis Etienne has three touchdowns as well capping off quick drives that cover long distances. 

Boston College's offense has not been able to do much of anything. Dennis Grosel had one drive where he hit Hunter Long for two passes, but other than he has been rushed and inaccurate throwing 3/11 for 53 yards. AJ Dillon has looked good at times as well, scoring the lone Boston College touchdown, but with the Eagles down so much his role probably will diminish going into the second half. 

What have been the issues? Well Clemson is clearly more talented and can take advantage of BC's defense, but there have been other problems as well. BC's defenders are giving up huge cushions to Clemson's receivers and allowing them tons of extra yards after the catch. 

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This game is already completely out of control, hopefully the second half involves the defense putting up some sort of fight. But for right now, it is looking ugly in Death Valley.