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Five Takeaways From Jeff Hafley's Press Conference

Hafley talk the Duke game and previews his team's preparation for the upcoming game against Texas State

Yesterday Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley held his weekly press conference to wrap up the Duke game and preview the work the team is doing as they prepare for Texas State. Below are the five takeaways from Hafley's press conference.

1. They all have to improve. Even after a convincing win Hafley talked about the need for everyone to continue to improve.  "We were hard on them. I was hard on them this morning. And I told him that we have to play better. And I showed him examples of how we have to play better. And when we have to play better," he told reporters. He mentioned watching the tape and finding things they all needed to work on, including himself. "There's some stuff that I very disappointing in myself, stuff I didn't see well enough on defense, because I was wrapped up on other things. And there's some little things I did that I have to coach better."

2. That includes Phil Jurkovec. Hafley was quick to praise his young quarterback but also wanted the media to know that he still has work to do as well. "Phil will tell you that there's so much room for improvement. I mean, big time room for improvement. Just running the offense making the right reads getting the ball out of his hand, hugging it and running some of the run reads. So yeah, he made some nice plays. But just like everybody else, if we're going to continue to win games, he's got to play better, too."

3. You better text Hafley good luck if you want a response back. Hafley was asked if he received any congratulations after the game, and he said that he got a lot from people he coached and other coaches. Who did he respond back to? He joked with his team about it today,  "I got back to the people that wish me good luck the night before the game, and there weren't many of them. There are a lot more people that texted me after the game. So those that wish me good luck. Those are the ones that I returned the quickest."

4. Danny Longman's range is going to be a secret. The head coach was asked about the range of his newly minted place kicker on Tuesday. However, the coach isn't going to reveal what his kicker can and can't kick. "So when I see you in person, I'll tell you, but I'd rather keep that a secret right now."


5. Texas State is an explosive team. Hafley preached that his defense is going to need to have a strong game against a Bobcats team that can easily put up points. "Well, they averaged about 37 points a game. They score very fast, they have receivers that are extremely quick. They got a couple guys that can go up and get the deep ball. They take a ton of shots, they have two quarterbacks. One is extremely elusive and can make plays with his feet. The other one's a good enough runner, both of them throw the ball down the field and have solid running back second hit it there. They're an explosive group."

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