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News and Notes From Jeff Hafley's Tuesday Press Conference

A look at all the news and notes to come from Tuesday's press availability with Jeff Hafley

On Tuesday, Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley spoke with the media in his weekly press conference. Here are some of the topic that he discussed.

1. Phil Jurkovec's Surgery Went Well. 

Speaking on his injured quarterback for the first time since the UMass game, Hafley commented on the surgery. He explained that it was indeed a fracture, and talked about the spirits of his quarterback. "The surgery went, well. We expect a full recovery," he explained. "But he's doing okay. He's a tough kid. He's a resilient kid. He's got a great supporting cast here with the staff and the players." 

2. He Hinted At Jurkovec's Status for Next Year

Read into this what you will, but in his comments about Jurkovec, Hafley made a comment about 2022. "I'll be excited next year when he's standing in front of you guys doing more interviews." Could that be a hint at Jurkovec's intentions for next year? Jurkovec could return to Boston College in 2022 or enter into the NFL Draft.

3. Dennis Grosel is the ultimate team player

After speaking about how Grosel is ready, pointing to his performance against Virginia and Clemson last year, Hafley talked about how his quarterback approaches everything the correct way. "Dennis is the prime example that I said to all the young guys in the whole team. What is Dennis done every single day of his career, he's practiced, he's put in the preparation, he's worked. He's put himself in the position that when his number's called, he's ready to play. And Dennis could have left last year and started a lot of teams in college football, he could have, he could have probably started on many different levels, but he chose to stay here. And he doesn't pout, he doesn't complain. He's the backup. He knows his role. And he's ready to play. And that's a message for everybody on the team, whether you're the third string, fourth string scout team, second, when your time comes, you better be ready."

3. The backup quarterback position is still up for grabs

With Grosel moving up, the backup position is up for grab. But at this point it looks like there may be a favorite moving forward. "Now the third string quarterback will become very important now. Daelen (Menard) probably knows the system better than everybody. Him and Matt (Rueve), you know, I mean, Emmett (Morehead) hasn't had as much time. But we're going to put all of those guys in position and kind of see where it unfolds."


4. Scheme will be the same under Grosel

With a new quarterback, many coaches are forced to adjust their scheme to fit the skill set of their replacement signal caller. This will not be the case with Frank Cignetti's scheme and Dennis Grosel. "We threw the ball, schemes not gonna change, you know, Dennis (Grosel) can do some things running with his legs too. But we're gonna run the ball and throw it downfield and do everything that we did (under Jurkovec)."

5. Energy was at it's highest at today's practice

Jeff Hafley made a comment today that he used to illustrate how the team felt about Dennis Grosel. "Maybe the most energetic practice, if you were just there listening to it, it might have been the most upbeat, energetic practice we had all year."

6. Hafley is waiting for a big chance for Danny Longman

Aaron Boumerhi is out for the season, news that was overshadowed yesterday by the announcement of Phil Jurkovec's surgery. Hafley spoke about new kicker Danny Longman. In the Colgate game he admitted to deferring to a kick, when he normally would have gone for it, just to give Longman the opportunity. In addition he talked about the confidence he has in Longman, especially about field goals either in longer distances or during critical moments during the game "his moment will come, he will be prepared."

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