Martin Jarmond Named Next UCLA AD

A.J. Black

Update (Tuesday 5pm): UCLA officially announces Jarmond as next AD

Boston College athletic director Martin Jarmond was named the new athletic director of the UCLA Bruins, according to a report by Pete Thamel.

Jarmond was reportedly named a finalist for the position earlier this week, and quickly jumped to the head of the pack after UNLV AD Desiree Reed-Francois withdrew her name. UCLA was looking to replace long time AD Dan Guerrero, who will be retiring at the end of June after serving as AD since 2002. 

This hire will end a three year stint at Boston College for Jarmond. He came to Boston College in June 2017 replacing Brad Bates, who struggled to keep football and basketball at a competitive level. Before coming to the Heights, he was an Associate Athletic Director at Ohio State, serving under long time AD Gene Smith. Jarmond was considered a fast rising star in the world of athletic administration, and was named a Top 40 under 40 by the Sports Business Journal.

During his time at Boston College he has been instrumental in improving the fan experience, welcoming fans on campus before tailgates, and bringing beer and wine sales to the stadiums. He has also been part of some big personnel moves in Chestnut Hill, including Joanna McNamee (women's basketball) and firing Steve Addazio and hiring Jeff Hafley (football).

Recently Jarmond has been in charge of the "Greater Heights Campaign" that has been in the process of raising $150 million dollars for the Athletics Department. 

This new role at UCLA is one filled with prestige, but will not be an easy one for Jarmond. According to Thamel, UCLA's Athletic Department was $19 million dollars in the red last season. This is a program still looking to dig out of the mess of some poor football and basketball hires made by Guerrero. 

Now with Jarmond reportedly gone, Boston College will have to have their own AD search, which could be a challenge given the current environment caused by COVID-19. BC Bulletin will be all over any news regarding this search. 

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Comments (10)
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Tough to grade MJ with only 3 years on the job. Keeping Christian as coach of men’s hoop is a head scratcher Whether it’s his recruiting or coaching , it’s failed
Waiting 3 seasons to remove Addazio is also disappointing. When you can’t recruit a quarterback or a kicker something is wrong. On the other hand, it appears women’s basketball is heading in the right direction. Hafley hasn’t coached a game yet so MJ gets an incomplete


I credit Jarmond for firing Addazio and for hiring Jeff Hafley. I also credit him for hiring Joana Bernabei-McNamee won ACC coach of the year.

Jarmond’s greatest contributions in his short three years at BC is best viewed through fundraising. The $150 million capital campaign he managed was the first in BC history and largest of any ACC school. We will miss Jarmond.


This is a sad day. Actually, for BC fans, the news of Jarmond leaving sucks. But you know what, BC will be fine. Jarmond is either an opportunist or he couldn’t stand working for Leahy any longer. Irregardless, there are plenty of prospects to fill this job and losing an AD is akin to losing a head fund raiser. We will be fine.

Old Eagle
Old Eagle

Very sorry to see him go


Why even attempt to hire a new AD ??? Father Leahy will frustrate any candidate that is bright , confident and goal oriented. With Father Leahy as President , BC will continue to be irrelevant. In my opinion , Martin Jarmond would have elevated BC to a lofty position in college sports . Unfortunately , fans will never have the opportunity to witness this possibility.
The Addazio era marked the end to my spirit and enthusiasm for BC football. However , with the arrival of Martin Jarmond and his selection of Jeff Hafley as Head Coach, I was once again beginning to see hope. Now , it is quite clear that nothing will change until Father Leahy is removed from office .


There But For The Grace of Athletic Directors


UCLA did all the AD deep candidate search or the "74 Heavy Lifting!" with Desiree Reed-Francois and M.Grace Calhoun, both solid choices!

Grace is my far and away top selection so far with a spectacular deep robust resume unmatched by many a woman in America, let alone NCAA Athletics.

A proven high instant impact proven track record AD and an asset BC cherishes, a solid fund raiser with her "Game Onward" campaign at UPENN.

Grace was publicly credited with setting in motion Jesuit Loyola’s men’s basketball Final Four run in 2018.

This is one sensational woman and LEADER!

Her achievements are on such a high echelon, only a few may ever reach in their lives, let alone all Power 5 AD's. This woman could easily step up to any position in Corporate America and transition to make BC Great Again.

BC should jump now and give her a highest $ long term contract and hope she replaces Father Leahy as our next President, if not now.

Make her an offer she can't refuse and bring this brilliant Leader to Boston College, even if she is not interested. SHOW HER THE MONEY!

Her resume will shadow every other candidate out there and many accomplished current Athletic Directors.

Or, as been BC's unique history and operating strategy, to go in another say less costly direction.

If Vaughn Williams does not follow MJ to UCLA, hiring Vaughn is not an option I would consider if you click above on her resume and just READ!

Here is the 74 Bonus Opportunity!

While at UPENN if hiring Grace, search for a Wharton CIO for our National EMBARRASSING & HUMILIATING Endowment Performance % Returns since 2016!

BC will not only be hiring the best Candidate and Ad out there, but a perfect choice to replace Father Leahy and Leader of our Board of Trustees.

Over the last 21 seasons of BC Football and Basketball, our Record of Performance versus AP Top 25 Teams is 7-78 8.2%.

Just like our current Endowment CIO's disgraceful performance, beyond inept and incompetent.

So, as my pinned Community Football Tweet predicted Daz would be fired, posted on October 29th, 2019 and my pinned tweet on my @toweroftruth Twitter account on December 2, 2019, only hours after Daz was fired, that Hafley would be our next Head Coach and he was hired December 14th, here is my message to Eagle Nation:

For Boston College, there is only one Humble Genius Oracle of Fort Worth and I am who I am.

Get thee by the GRACE of 74 to UPENN and bring this magnificent woman to my Alma Mater, Boston College.

Make her our new AD and hopefully one day, our next President of BC.

The Oracle has Spoken.


Kind of disappointing that it happens at the current time and I would have liked to see who Jarmond would hire as the new basketball coach. It will be interesting to see what UCLA fans will have to say. Any early predictions/desired candidates for BC?