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The NCAA Playoffs kick off tonight with two games featuring the top four teams in the country. In the Fiesta Bowl, the ACC Champion Clemson Tigers face off against Ohio State, while LSU and Oklahoma battle in the Peach Bowl. BC fans will be watching, and may need some help determining who to root for. BC Maven is going to lay out what teams you should root for and why. 

Ohio State: Rooting Interest VERY high

Of any team in the playoffs, it is the Buckeyes who all Boston College fans should be actively rooting for. Reason number one is Jeff Hafley, the new Boston College head coach, and current Ohio State co-defensive coordinator. If he does well in the playoffs, and his defense performs well, people will notice and that can only help his profile on the recruiting trail. Even if Hafley is coaching another team, recruits watch these games and shutting down Trevor Lawrence or Joe Burrow will make the new coach's stock only rise. Of course Ohio State HC Ryan Day has connections with Boston College during his multiple runs as coordinator for Frank Spaziani and Steve Addazio. 

Clemson Tigers: Rooting Interest Warm

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Clemson would normally be the top school Boston College fans should root for, but facing off against Jeff Hafley knocks them down. It's all about conference pride if you are  shooting for Clemson. Watching an ACC program win would be good for the conference, but at this point Clemson feels like they are on another stratosphere compared to every other program. They star a quarterback who plays nearly flawless football on the big stage, a running back better than any one in the country, and a coach who has a chip on his shoulder for a perceived lack of respect. But if they do defeat Ohio State, Clemson would be much easier to root for than LSU or Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma Sooners: Rooting Interest Luke Warm (at least in the Peach Bowl)

If BC fans want to see Jeff Hafley win the National Championship and come to Chestnut Hill on top, Oklahoma should be the team to root for in the Peach Bowl. LSU is a juggernaut right now, Joe Burrow and the Tigers wide receivers are explosive, and Oklahoma would be a better matchup for Hafley's defense. On top of the defensive matchup, Justin Fields should easily move the ball against the Sooners defense. 

LSU Tigers: Rooting Interest Ice Cold

Unless you are just rooting for great players, LSU should not be a team BC fans should be rooting for. They play in the SEC, a conference that believes that they are vastly superior to the ACC and they match up really well against Ohio State. Unless you want to hear another year of SEC fans talking about how great their conference is, the Tigers should be near the team you root for least.