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NCAA Makes Steps For Return. What Does This Mean For Boston College?

NCAA football is working on a return what would that look like and how would it work in Boston.
Author:'s Ross Dellenger broke the news that there is a proposal out to college programs that will get players back on campus and working out/practicing. Below is the timeline which is still awaiting approval. 


To summarize the above chart players can workout on campus as long as it safe to do so. Important to note that Boston College has not reached that point yet. After that the teams enter Summer Access phase, which allows weight training conditioning and working on film review (only two hours). On the schedule above that could start as early as July 13th. 

The next phase allows for walk throughs and meetings, up to 20 hours a week. This starts fourteen days before the start of the preseason. This leads right into preseason which would start around the time Boston College typically starts, and would allow the season to start on time as well. Dellenger mentions that business might have to be conducted in new ways, like team meetings and practices.

What Dellenger mentions though is that this is all predicated on no additional outbreaks. If there are outbreaks, the plan is made to deal with it on a team by team basis. So if there was an outbreak in say Texas, that wouldn't impact Boston College's ability to continue their training and practice. Basically teams can continue their season as long as it safe to do so. If a team has a bad enough outbreak, they will have to pause their forward progression until it is safe to resume. 


On top of all that it sounds like this season could be very uneven. There could be an outbreak that forces a team to pull out of a game, and leave their opponent scrambling for an opponent. The report made it sound like there is a possibility teams could face teams not on their schedule if they need to find an opponent. There aren't many local teams that BC could easily fill in if needed, which makes this sound like a logistical nightmare. Think if there was an outbreak in North Carolina, and BC could only schedule Texas Tech. Getting 85 players and a large staff across country would be a heck of a challenge. 

Many teams have already returned to campus, Boston College has not as of the time of this writing. No date has been set for the players to return, but practice for Boston pro teams are set to resume shortly. Check back to BC Bulletin for updates on BC's practice schedule and any updates on this topic. 

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