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NCAA Set To Temporarily Expand College Football Class Signing Limits

The NCAA is set to change the rules to allow replacement for players out of the portal

The NCAA is set to temporarily expand college football recruiting class signing limits according to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated.

"Officials are set to pass a 1-year waiver next month to immediately expand the 25-man FB signing limit, sources tell Sports Illustrated," Dellenger tweeted on Tuesday. "Coaches can replace up to 7 players who leave for the portal. Max signing # would be 32 (25+7)."

This move comes in the wake of a massive surge of players entering the transfer portal in 2021. Many players entered the portal due to the NCAA allowing 2020 to not count against eligibility. With this new ruling, teams could replace up to seven transfers with recruits for the upcoming Class of 2022. Boston College lost 15 players to the transfer portal from last December to the time of this writing. The Eagles also have 22 commitments currently for the Class of '22. 

More from Dellenger's article:


The impetus for immediate action on the topic is a result of policy changes that are leaving—and will leave—many schools well short of the overall 85 scholarship limit. While schools are limited to having 85 scholarship players a year, they are restricted to signing 25 players in a single class. The 100 signees over four years leaves a 15-player wiggle room for natural attrition.

However, there is more movement in the sport than ever before because of a rule change that grants athletes the right to transfer once without penalty. The transfer surge combined with name, image and likeness is resulting in another disturbing trend: coaches steering their recruiting away from the high school level and toward the portal.

The article goes on to say that these moves were not universally agreed upon by all athletic departments. There was worry that some schools would push players out to go after more highly sought after recruits, but that was rectified with a compromise. The athletes can only be replaced are ones that enter the transfer portal on their own. 

H/t to Syracuse SI for the original article