An Open Letter to Fans of the New England Patriots

A.J. Black

Dear Patriots fans,

Hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you because I too am just like you, I have followed the New England Patriots for over 25 years. I was there when Drew Bledsoe took the team to the Super Bowl and lost to Desmond Howard and Green Bay. I watched as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick orchestrate one of the greatest dynasties in league history. Now, I have seen what the team has become, and saw a pair of games that were almost completely unwatchable the past two Sundays, with poor play on both sides of the ball. Worst of all, the Patriots don't look like they have a way out of this mess this season. I want to give you another option for football viewing for the remainder of the season.

Get in. Become a Boston College football fan. Give it a shot. 

It must not be easy watching a team turn the ball over relentlessly, be completely unable to stop another team's offense, and just be a bore to watch. It looks like this is going to be a transitional year for the Pats, so it might be a perfect time to get your football fix with another local team. 

There are a lot of similarities between the Eagles and the very early 2000 Patriots teams that we all loved. Do you miss good quarterback play? Boston College quarterback Phil Jurkovec is averaging close to 300 yards a game, and has thrown 12 touchdowns to four interceptions. Start watching the Eagles now and you can be there to see a quarterback who will be playing on Sunday in a few years.  Remember how Brady and Belichick, used to always find exciting ways to win games? How does winning on a last second field goal, a missed extra point and a second half comeback sound?

And Boston College football has a lot of what the Patriots are lacking. Miss good wide receivers and tight ends? Zay Flowers is one of the leading receivers in the nation, an explosive deep threat with 29 receptions and five total touchdowns. Miss Gronk? Wait until you see Hunter Long. He leads the entire nation in catches for a tight end.

I remember how the Patriots used to be able to beat teams in a number of ways. There would be days Tom Brady would throw for 300 yards, and another when Corey Dillon or Antoine Smith would do the heavy work. The Eagles are just like that! In one week they won on defense, grabbing five turnovers, another they threw the ball 50 times, and then last week they ran the ball for 264 yards. As a football fan, you get to see a balanced team that can almost do it all. 

If you like good coaching, then the Eagles again might be the team for you. You have been spoiled with the greatest coach arguably of all time, but let me introduce you to Jeff Hafley. He has turned around a defense that was one of the worst in the country, and has them playing markedly better, a ball hawking group that oozes passion on the field. He turned an offense that was made for the 1940's into one of the best passing attacks in the country in just one season. The young coach has done so well that Mark Packer of the ACC Network and Andrea Adelsen of ESPN have him as their ACC Coach of the Year so far. Also, according to Boston radio hosts OMF he gives one of the best interviews in town.

Unfortunately if you only want to watch a team that wins championships, this year's Boston College team may not be the team for you. However, the staff is building something, and it might be enjoyable to get on the ground floor, and be there when special things start happening frequently for the Eagles. 

Look, you may have graduated from another local college or university and have grown up hating Boston College. I get that. But if you are craving enjoyable football, something the Patriots clearly aren't giving you, maybe you tune in to ABC at noon this weekend. The Eagles take on the top team in the country, the undefeated Clemson Tigers. Odds are heavily stacked against the Eagles, but with this team you never know. It can't be worse than what you have seen the past two weekends out of the Patriots. And I'm not saying to give up on the Patriots, simply just giving you an alternative if you want to see good football. 

Try it out. Get in. 

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Why are all the game televised on the ACC Network? I have HULU live so I can stream the games but many people I know can't watch the BC games because they don't have the ACCN. Why aren't the BC games on NESN or NESN plus at the very least?? Regional exposure is very important, that's why most kids grew up NOTRE DAME fans in the New England area, because they were always on TV.


There’s definitely an opportunity here for the first time in a long time.

Edmonds Forever
Edmonds Forever

This post brings up a long, unsolved riddle for BC football: How do you get non-alumni to care about BC football?

I think the easy answer is to just win more. The teams that seem to have a following beyond their own alumni are big blue chip programs. BC can't become that without winning some championships. I know a guy who went to Union and loves Michigan football. I know another who went to Fordham and he loves Notre Dame. Neither team has won a championship this century, but they are big enough to threaten. I think if BC can win an ACC championship or two and then be consistently ranked, they'd do better making fans of people who otherwise would gravitate to bigger programs. Luckily in college football, anything if possible if you spend enough money. The only question is how badly does BC BOT want to win?


Halfey - is great... This video just shows how great he is...



Cleveland Browns

You guys won 6 Bunnies.

Give it a rest AJ before I come up there.



I’d also like to extend this invitation to Giants and Jets fans who have no interest in Syracuse. Or maybe you really have to be a BC alum to make that jump lol.