Who Broke Pete Buttigieg's Heart? Boston College.

A.J. Black

Politics is usually something we stay clear of on BC Maven. But Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend Indiana and Democratic presidential candidate talked with the New York Times for a profile this week. In the interview he came up with an answer that is relevant to our sites coverage.  The Times asked all sorts of questions about his history and political views, but he was also asked "Who broke your heart?". The 37 year old candidate's answer? Boston College. 

"I was 11 years old,” Buttigieg told the Times “We were this close to the National Championship.”

The young candidate is referring to the 1993 game between the Eagles and Fighting Irish, a game ND needed to win.  This game was huge for the Irish, if they won the game they would have completed their perfect regular season and were going to be well on their way to another National Championship. Notre Dame was huge favorites going into the game, especially given that they had pounded BC just the year before 51-7. But Tom Coughlin's squad had other plans.

Boston College fans will remember the game as it became an iconic moment in Eagles sports history. After battling back in forth for four quarters the Eagles won on a 41 yard David Gordon field goal 41-39 in South Bend as time expired. The loss ruined the aspirations of Notre Dame as Florida State snuck in and ended up winning the title. 

“There wasn’t a BCS back then, so when you finish the season undefeated, you’re the champion,” Buttigieg told the Times. “And they came into our stadium, and they broke my little heart.” The son of two Notre Dame professors, Buttigieg felt that loss hard. 

Here is that kick again:

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Old Eagle
Old Eagle

Thank you for sharing, AJ. That game probably my second best sports moment of all time; the first is the 94 rematch that I attended. And I hope Pete breaks Trump's heart-which, of course, he doesn't have. (Sorry, know inappropriate for site but couldn't help myself)