Media, Fans And BC Players Support Phil Jurkovec On Social Media

As Phil Jurkovec continues to wait for his waiver decision, fans, media and players voice their support
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The biggest question for the Boston College Eagles this offseason has been the eligibility of Notre Dame transfer quarterback Phil Jurkovec. His waiver with the NCAA, that would allow him to play immediately has been in the works for months. But he continues to wait, and there hasn't be a definitive answer yet. 

While Jurkovec hangs in limbo, other transfers around the country are finding out and getting affirmative answers. Boston College wide receiver Jaelen Gill got his waiver in about a month, the same with Georgia quarterback JT Daniels. But Jurkovec now heads into his sixth month since graduating, and he still has no clue what 2020 will look like. 

Rumors are abuzz regarding why he hasn't heard an answer. But be careful who you listen to, Boston College has been very mum with updates with Jeff Hafley most recently saying "You will find out as soon as we find out" back in April.

This waiver is a huge deal for Boston College. Reading any preseason preview, and most analysts drastically change their outlook for the team if Jurkovec is eligible to play. Many believe he is a program changing quarterback, so of course Boston College wants to get him on the field as soon as possible. 

Today, Boston College players, fans and the media started to voice their displeasure with the long protracted process. The hashtag #FreeJurk was originally started by diehard BC fan @BCDee97, and blew up when Barstool BC started using it. 

Even fellow former Big Ten foes jumped in on the hashtag to support Jurkovec

And then there were major ESPN personalities that jumped in with their thoughts on the Jurkovec situation:

And of course there were numerous fans who continued to push the hashtag on social media.

The days continue to tick by, and Phil Jurkovec has yet to get an answer. In a year with so many uncertainties, a young quarterback who is looking for a second chance should not be denied his opportunity. Even if Notre Dame does end up on the schedule, Phil Jurkovec deserves to play immediately, just like Jaelen Gill, just like JT Daniels. The NCAA can no longer drag their feet.