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Fesi Sitake Provides Updates on Nacua Brothers, Kody Epps, & Talks Standout Wide Receivers

Passing game coordinator Fesi Sitake addressed the media following Thursday's practice

Following Thursday's practice, BYU passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach Fesi Sitake addressed the media. Sitake provided an update on highly-touted transfers Puka Nacua and Samson Nacua, an injury update on Kody Epps, and he also listed the wide receivers that have showed well this fall camp. Below are the best quotes from Sitake's post-practice interview.

Fesi Sitake on the wide receiver depth chart

On whether he was ready to discuss the depth chart at wide receiver, Sitake said he still needed a "little bit more time" before he could lay out the WR depth chart.

"I'm not ready yet," Sitake said. "I think it's taking shape, but there are still things I've got to figure out and work through. I can say that Neil [Pau'u] and Gunner [Romney], and that's not a surprise, are two guys that we are going to be investing heavily in, they are proven guys. After that, there is a plethora of receivers who, with a little bit more time and reps, I can start to discuss that more."

Fall camp standouts

Sitake listed multiple wide receivers that have put together strong performances this fall camp. Keanu Hill and Chris Jackson were the first players he listed.

"Keanu Hill has had a great fall camp. He is one that with more time and experience gets better and better. Chris Jackson is another one who has just taken such a big step in terms of the mental part and knowledge of the playbook. He's super comfortable and I completely trust him...Brayden Cosper has had an unbelievable camp. Hobbs Nyberg is another one - when he gets his shots he takes advantage of them." - Fesi Sitake

BYU wide receiver Chris Jackson (5)

BYU wide receiver Chris Jackson (5)

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Update on the Nacua brothers

Through the first few weeks of camp, Puka Nacua and Samson Nacua have been limited. According to Coach Fesi Sitake, the two brothers have proven they can make plays when healthy, and they are still on track to play against Arizona in a few weeks.

"The Nacua brothers, I know they are on a limited basis right now, but when they go, they've shown and proven that they've got the playbook down and get make plays when the ball goes there way."

In answer to a follow-up question, Sitake said the two brothers are "absolutely" on track to play against Arizona. "That's the plan," Sitake said.

"Their ability to make plays," Sitake said on what the Nacua brothers bring to the wide receiver room. "They have a knack for going and getting the ball, understanding the concepts we have, knowing where the ball is going to be, and they just bring a lot of personality to our room. I know that's not something you see in the statistics and numbers, but that's huge. When you have guys that have a natural ability to lead and bring energy and passion to the field, you value that as a coach. The fact that they can couple that with their ability to make plays and pick up this playbook, are things that are keeping them on track for us to see a lot of them this year." - Fesi Sitake

Update on Kody Epps

Sitake also provide an update on highly-touted recruit Kody Epps. Epps was limited during the spring with a foot injury.

"He's progressing. He's one that we are being very careful with. It's a foot deal and that's not something you want to push. He is ready mentally there is not doubt in my mind. But he is someone who I am just slow-playing, I'm not forcing it. That's why we haven't seen a ton of him this fall."