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Cosmo’s Latest Stunt Has Gone Viral on Social Media

The stunt that Cosmo performed during BYU's win over Utah State has gone viral

During the second half of BYU's win over Utah State, BYU's mascot "Cosmo" performed one of his infamous stunts. In his latest stunt, Cosmo did jumping pushups onto three layers of stacked tables. Once he got to the top of the tower of tables, he topped the stunt off with a few one-handed pushups and a backflip off the tables. It didn't take long for the video of Cosmo's stunt to go viral. As of this writing, the video is up to 2.1 million views and counting.

One of the best responses to Cosmo's stunt came from Bleacher Report, who said, "BYU's mascot tryouts gotta be like the combine."

Past Cosmo Stunts

Cosmo performs a stunt during every game. In the first two home games of the year, Cosmo has performed a triple backflip in one game and a flip off a slide in another game.

At a basketball game, Cosmo dunked from the three-point line. One twitter user joked that Cosmo's basketball stunt should have made national news.

One of Cosmo's most famous stunts came in an empty stadium in 2020. Cosmo took advantage of the empty bleachers by turning into a human bowling ball. He rolled down the stadium benches and onto the field level where he attempted to knock down oversized bowling pins.

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Cosmo's most famous video came in 2017 when he joined the BYU Cougarettes for an on-field performance. That video received over 12 million views on YouTube alone.

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