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How BYU Stacks Up in the 2021 College Football Power Index

BYU vs Arizona State

Every college football season, ESPN updates a College Football Power Index that ranks teams in various categories. As we wait for BYU's next game against USF, let's see how BYU stacks up in the updated power index after BYU's victory against #19 Arizona State.

Note: The definitions of these metrics come from ESPN's CFB Power Index page.


Definition: Expected point margin vs average opponent on neutral field.

BYU: 4.4 meaning BYU would beat an average opponent by four points on a neutral field. 4.4 puts BYU in the top 50 of college football - ESPN FPI ranks BYU at #47.

Projected Win/Loss Record

Definition: Projected overall W-L accounting for results to date and FPI-based projections.

BYU: 9.0-3.0. BYU is expected to go 9-3 according to ESPN FPI's latest projections. Those numbers are subject to change throughout the season.

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Win Out %

Definition: Percentage of simulations in which team won all remaining scheduled games.

BYU: 1.1%. BYU has a 1% chance to go undefeated against the remainder of their schedule according to ESPN FPI.

6 Wins %

Definition: Percentage of simulations in which team won at least six games.

BYU: 99.8%. BYU has a 99.8% chance to go 6-6 or better against their current schedule.

Playoff %

Definition: Chances of making the CFB Playoff according to the playoff predictor.

BYU: 0.0%. Even after three wins over P5 opponents, FPI does not given BYU even a chance to make the College Football Playoff. Considering BYU's ranking in the CFP rankings throughout last season, even a 12-0 BYU might miss the CFP cut.