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Three Keys to a BYU Victory Over Arizona

BYU kicks off its 2021 season against Arizona on Saturday night

After an eventful offseason, BYU kicks off its 2021 season against Arizona. Here are three keys to a BYU victory over Arizona.

1. Protect Jaren Hall

Hall, Jaren 21FTB PRAC 8-6 217

If you haven't heard by now, new Arizona defensive coordinator Don Brown is known for his aggressive defensive style. So aggressive, in fact, that "Doctor Blitz" is his nickname.

Protecting Jaren Hall is paramount for BYU's success against Arizona and BYU's success this season. 

Arizona's aggressive defense also makes them vulnerable to explosive plays. If the Cougars give Jaren Hall time, expect multiple chunk plays.

2. Red zone efficiency on both ends

BYU's defensive style forces opposing teams to methodically execute small-yardage plays to move the ball down field and score. BYU will bend at times, but they can't consistently break. If BYU's defense can force field goals, the Cougars will have a great chance to leave Las Vegas with a win.

BYU's offense took many steps forward last season. Statistically speaking, red zone efficiency was the most notable area of improvement. BYU went from #120 in red zone efficiency in 2019 to #19  in 2020. Like last season, BYU needs to take advantage of its opportunities in the red zone against the Wildcats.

3. Limit turnovers

BYU is favored against Arizona. If Arizona is going to complete the upset, they need to force some turnovers and create opportunities for their offense. If BYU protects the football, I like their chances against Arizona.

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