How BYU Stacks Up in 2020 College Football Power Index After Week Four

Casey Lundquist

Every college football season, ESPN updates a College Football Power Index that ranks teams in various categories. As we wait for BYU's next game against Louisiana Tech, let's see how BYU stacks up in the updated power index after BYU's dominant victory against Troy.

Note: The definitions of these metrics come from ESPN's CFB Power Index page.


Definition: Expected point margin vs average opponent on neutral field.

BYU: 12.5 meaning BYU would beat an average opponent by almost two touchdowns on a neutral field. 12.5 puts BYU in the top-20 of college football - ESPN FPI ranks BYU at #16.

Projected Win/Loss Record

Definition: Projected overall W-L accounting for results to date and FPI-based projections.

BYU: 7.4-0.6. BYU is expected to go 7-1 or 8-0 according to ESPN FPI's latest projections. Those numbers are subject to change throughout the season.

Win Out %

Definition: Percentage of simulations in which team won all remaining scheduled games.

BYU: 49.6%. BYU has a 50% chance to go undefeated against their current schedule. According to the power index, that's the highest number in all of college football. 

6 Wins %

Definition: Percentage of simulations in which team won at least six games.

BYU: 99.5%. BYU has a 99.5% chance to go 6-2 or better against their current schedule.

Playoff %

Definition: Chances of making the CFB Playoff according to the playoff predictor.

BYU: 6.2%. This number is surprisingly high - BYU ranks #12 in the country in this category. Only Clemson, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Auburn, UCF, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Penn State are more likely to make the playoff according to ESPN FPI. 

Make National Championship %

Definition: Chances of making the CFB Playoff championship game.

BYU: 1.4% When was the last time BYU had a non-zero chance of playing in the national championship? 

Win National Championship %

Definition: Chances of winning the CFB Playoff championship game.

BYU: 0.3%. In the words of Lloyd Christmas, "So you're telling me there's a chance?"

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Casey Lundquist
Casey Lundquist


That's certainly the goal right now. If BYU can get Boise State and maybe Army in November it should really help their chances.

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Casey Lundquist
Casey Lundquist


And that assumes BYU plays consistently and stays healthy...two things that have been hard to come by in Provo the last few seasons.


Mostly l am still hoping for some way to get a New Year’s Day bowl


Hey its 2020 of course there is a chance. Frankly I am up for a good bizarre event compared to the events up to now so let’s hope. Maybe BYU can schedule Boise or UCF ( the rumor of which seems to have dried up) and be the substitute team for some forfeit games. Maybe some more crazy upsets roll too. All very long shots but at least someone is saying we have a shot