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BYU Football: Dominique & Marcus Mckenzie on Facing Each Other in Practice

Dominique and Marcus are the sons of former BYU great Brian Mckenzie.

If you missed the first part of my conversation with Dominique and Marcus Mckenzie, you can view that here.


Two of BYU's top targets in the 2022 class are twins Dominique and Marcus Mckenzie. They come from a legacy BYU family - their Father is former BYU great RB Brian Mckenzie and their Mother Salote ran track at BYU. Dominique, listed at 6'0 160 lbs., is a fast wide receiver who ranked fourth in the country in receiving yards last season with over 1,700 receiving yards. Marcus is a long defensive back (6'0 165 lbs.) that just broke the Utah state record in the 60M and 200M sprints. I had a chance to catch up with Marcus and Dominique to get an update on their recruitments. You can check out a few highlights from my conversation with them in the video above.

Sons of Former BYU Athletes

On what their Dad has told them about his experience at BYU, Dominique said, "He loved the culture there and Lavell Edwards, his development, and how they were able to execute. Especially in one of his years when they were able to win the Cotton Bowl."

With two former BYU athletes as parents, I put Marcus on the spot when I asked him which parent was the better athlete. "I better say my Mom." He jokingly replied. Marcus continued, "I would say my Dad because his work ethic was amazing, it still is to this day. That's what set him apart."

Playing Together at the Next Level

Dominique and Marcus have both received interest from schools like BYU, UNLV, Utah State, Princeton, Stanford, and Arizona State. They've also received a few individual offers; Dominique received an offer from Pitt on Friday, for example. Dominique said they hope to play together at the next level, but they are open to playing apart, even at rival schools:

"We would love to play together, it would be awesome to have that experience. We're very open to the possibility of playing at different schools, and maybe even playing in a rivalry-type matchup. We're open to both sides."

Most Important Factors

On the most important factors in his recruitment, Marcus said, "Definitely the culture and what surrounds it, how the athletes are treated. The opportunities that the school gives education wise."

Dominique agreed with his brother and added, "A team that is willing to throw the ball...I'd really like to be able to run routes, beat people, and score touchdowns." On what offensive coordinator Aaron Roderick and WR coach Fesi Sitake have told him about his fit within the system at BYU, Dominique said, "They really like my speed. That ability to spread the field, that kind of spread offense really interests me...I like the offense and everything they do." You can check out Dominique's highlights below:

Dual-Sport Athletes

On the potential of playing football and running track at the next level, Marcus said, "I think that would be a great opportunity...I definitely would love to do that also."

You can check out Marcus' junior film below:

Dominique says his main focus is football, but he's open to the possibility of running track at the next level as well.

Decision Timeline and Visit Plans

Once visits are permitted, both Dominique and Marcus want to take a variety of visits to different schools. They don't have a set decision timeline, but they said a decision during their senior season is most likely.

Sibling Rivalry

I asked Marcus and Dominique about the opportunity to go against each other in practice. Both acknowledged that going against their brother has improved their game. "It's really a blessing to be able to play with my brother at this level and possibly future levels," Dominique said. Marcus added, "Going against Dom, the speed and the way he runs his routes puts it at a different level than what I'm usually against." Like any great sibling rivalry, however, both joked that they have the upper hand in practice.

"Marcus does pretty good to keep up with me," Dominique said as Marcus shook his head and laughed. "I definitely win more...I can probably pull up some film."

"Sometimes I've got to let him have some glory in practice," Marcus added. "I let him win sometimes. Most of the times I'm definitely winning."

You can check out more highlights from my conversation with Dominique and Marcus here.

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