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BYU Football: Thanksgiving Weekend Cheering Guide

Which teams BYU fans should cheer for on Thanksgiving weekend.

BYU dropped from #8 in the AP poll to #14 in the first CFP rankings. At #14, BYU needs help to qualify for a NY6 game. Here are the teams BYU fans should cheer for on Thanksgiving weekend:

Friday November 27th

#17 Texas over #13 Iowa State

12:00 PM ET on ABC

BYU fans can cheer for either team on Saturday. Texas could leapfrog BYU with a win over Iowa State, but it would all work itself out in December. In reality, BYU is not competing with the Big 12 champ for a spot in the NY6. 

So why does this game not impact BYU? Because the Big 12 runner-up will have three losses regardless of the outcome of this game.

#2 Notre Dame over #19 North Carolina

3:30 PM ET on ABC

North Carolina is another team that could leapfrog BYU with a win. Notre Dame needs to create some distance between BYU and North Carolina.

Oregon State over #15 Oregon

7:30 PM ET on ESPN

If Oregon keeps winning, it's not a matter of if they will leapfrog BYU in the rankings, it's when. The Ducks travel to rival Oregon State on Friday. They are favored by two touchdowns. 

It's worth noting that BYU is not competing against the PAC-12 champion for a NY6 spot. However, BYU could be competing with the PAC-12 runner-up in December. BYU needs the PAC-12 runner up to have at least two losses. If Oregon wins the PAC-12, their ranking is irrelevant.

Saturday November 28th

Maryland over #12 Indiana

12:00 PM ET on ESPN2

BYU is competing with Indiana for an at-large NY6 spot. 

Kentucky over #6 Florida

12:00 PM ET on ESPN

BYU needs the SEC to start beating itself up. An upset with over Florida, while not likely, would help BYU.

#1 Alabama over #22 Auburn

3:30 PM ET on CBS

Alabama could help BYU by kicking Auburn out of the top 25.

Michigan State over #8 Northwestern

3:30 PM ET on ESPN

Depending on how things shake out in the Big Ten, BYU could be competing against Northwestern for a spot in the NY6 come December. A loss against a very bad Michigan State team would help BYU.

Boise State over San Jose State

4:00 PM ET on FOX

This is a big game for BYU. BYU needs Boise State to win out and San Jose State is 4-0.

San Diego State over Colorado

5:00 PM ET on PAC-12 Network

A SDSU win over Colorado would help build the Aztec's resume. BYU plays SDSU on December 12th.

LSU over #5 Texas A&M

7:00 PM ET on ESPN

The SEC is currently taking up four spots in the top 10. It would really help BYU if a few SEC teams beat each other.

South Carolina over #9 Georgia

7:30 PM ET on the SEC Network

BYU is competing with Georgia for an at-large NY6 spot. Georgia is heavily favored over South Carolina.