Fall College Football gets the 'Swing Vote', Big 12 Opts to Play

Casey Lundquist

According to SoonerScoop.com, the The Big 12 has decided to play football in 2020. 

According to Pat Forde and Ross Dellenger, the Big 12 was the "swing vote" for the upcoming football season after the Big Ten and PAC-12 decided to cancel their fall sports. The news comes as a sigh of relief for schools like BYU and AAC teams that were waiting for the P5 conferences to make their decisions. With the decision to move forward, the chances that BYU plays football this fall just got much greater.

SI's Ross Dellenger just reported that "after the end of a hectic day: AAC, Sun Belt, and Conference USA continue toward a 2020 fall football season...AAC presidents met today. Conference USA expected to meet tomorrow. As long as the Power five schools are hanging, I believe they will too."

BYU only has three games remaining on the schedule: Navy, Houston, and North Alabama. However, it appears the North Alabama game could be canceled within the next 24 hours. North Alabama belongs to the FCS Big South conference who might cancel their fall sports soon:

Craig Haley reports that "The Big South Conference won't have an announcement about its fall direction tonight. Have to believe one could come tomorrow."

BYU can go a few different directions as they try to fill the holes in their schedule:

1. P5 teams - the Cougars could be the single non-conference game for any Big 12 or ACC team that might be looking for an opponent.

2. The Cougars could schedule AAC and Conference USA teams.

3. FCS teams - reports have indicated that BYU is in discussions with FCS Dixie State. Jake Hatch of Locked on Cougars was the first to report the news.

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Casey Lundquist
Casey Lundquist


Sounds like more scheduling news is coming very soon...


Fill up that schedule BYU!