Film Review of New BYU Football Commit -  Hinckley Ropati

Casey Lundquist

BYU Football added a physical presence to the future RB room - Hinckley Ropati is a Running Back from Cerritos Junior College who committed to BYU this week. Listed at 5'11 210 lbs., Ropati is a violent runner who has drawn comparisons to former BYU great, Fui Vakapuna. Today, let's look at Ropati's Freshman film at Cerritos.

First of all, it's important to note that you should not judge a JC player by their offer list. For example, some BYU fans might remember the name Rhamondre Stevenson. Rhamondre played at Cerritos JC like Ropati. Stevenson received offers from Mid Tennesee and Kansas State after his Freshman year but his recruitment was quiet for months after his first two offers. In October, Stevenson received his third offer from Hawaii. BYU offered and many schools followed including Utah, Texas, USC, and Oklahoma. On signing day, Stevenson was listed as a four-star recruit even though his recruitment didn't blow up until midway through his Sophmore JC season. Point being, JC recruiting is a different animal than high school recruiting. Ropati received offers from Idaho State, Western Illinois, and BYU after his Freshman season while San Jose State was trying to get in the mix. Ropati's trajectory suggests he would have received more attention during his Sophmore season.

Take a look at Ropati's Freshman film:

A few things stand out when I watch Ropati's Freshman film at Cerritos JC:

1. Physicality

You don't draw comparisons to Fui Vakapuna without being a very tough and physical runner - Ropati is exactly that. He averaged 6.9 yards per carry as a Freshman due in large part to his yards after contact. Ropati will bring a unique skillset to BYU's backfield.

2. Vision

Ropati's ability to hit the right hole at the right time stands out on film. BYU has had a few running backs in recent years that have struggled to hit the correct hole. Ropati is fast enough that his physicality, vision, and quickness will make him a weapon for BYU's offense.

3. Willing Blocker in Pass Protection

BYU places an extra emphasis on a running back's ability to block is pass pro. Hinckley is a willing blocker in pass protection which is a skill that will help him find playing time. BYU likes that Ropati can be an all-down back in their offense.

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Casey Lundquist