Patrick Mahomes Takes Note of Zach Wilson Touchdown Pass

Casey Lundquist

Down five points in the fourth quarter against Houston, Jeff Grimes dialed up one of my favorite play calls in recent memory. BYU was deep inside enemy territory when Zach Wilson rolled to his right then shoveled a pass to Masen Wake who had a clean path to the endzone. 

The play looked familiar, it was very similar to a play that the Kansas City Chiefs ran a few weeks ago against the Baltimore Ravens. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes found FB Anthony Sherman for a touchdown on Monday Night Football:

Like the Chiefs, BYU used their fullback and executed the play to perfection. Zach Wilson timed the pass perfectly placing the ball right in Wake's chest when he turned around to receive the ball. Patrick Mahomes took note of the well-executed play:

Some BYU fans might not know that BYU offensive line coach Eric Mateos is a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. After the game, Coach Mateos confirmed that the play design was inspired by Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs. Coach Mateos announced on social media that the play is named "Chiefs" in BYU's playbook.  

BYU would go on to outscore Houston 22-0 in the fourth quarter and win 43-26. BYU is 5-0 for the first time since 2008.

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