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Ranking BYU Football's 12 Uniforms in Independence

BYU Football has worn 12 different uniforms as an independent, I rank them from top to bottom.

BYU Football isn't known for their flashy uniforms to the same degree as Oregon, Maryland, or Oklahoma State, but BYU introduced three new uniforms in 2019 and has introduced two new combinations in 2020. In total, BYU has played in 11 different uniforms as an independent. Today, I'm ranking all 12. Comment and give me your ranking below!

12. All navy

All Navy

I didn't hate the uniforms that BYU wore against Texas State on Saturday. I've stated before that variety is the best policy. In my mind, however, these jerseys are not better than the other combinations that BYU has worn as an independent team.

11. Navy classic home


Although these jerseys are far down the list, we should all be grateful for these uniforms. If it weren't for these, BYU might be sporting gold on their jerseys in 2020.

10. Navy all white


Ranking these uniforms at #10 says more about the uniforms to come than this uniform itself. I like the all whites with navy trim, but I prefer the other jerseys more. For the record, I like these jerseys better when they're worn outside of Lavell Edwards Stadium.

9. Blackout (2016)


This might be a controversial ranking. I'm not as high on the blackout uniforms as most BYU fans. I view them as a solid alternate look that recruits like.

8. Blackout (2012)

In my mind, these blackout jerseys are the same as the ones worn in 2016. However, I give 2012 the slight edge because they came out first when it felt like the entire country was doing an annual blackout game.

7. Navy classic away


Never have these uniforms looked as good as when BYU took down Michigan State on the road. If it weren't for that game, these might be ranked lower than #6.

6. Throwback


This is the first of three new uniforms that BYU introduced in 2019. They looked great, but it will be nearly impossible to disassociate them from the 45-19 loss to Washington and losing Ty'Son Williams (which probably cost the Cougars a couple wins in 2019) for the season.

5. All royal


The all royal is one of my favorite combos. This picture reminds me that we should be grateful, for many reasons, that BYU's turf isn't blue. These uniforms look much better when they aren't blending in with the smurf turf.

4. Royal classic away


The Cougars got back to their roots and wore the classic royal away jerseys in 2019. They would have looked even better in the end zone. Unfortunately, BYU was held to only a field goal against the Aztecs.

3. Royal classic away with Gifford Nielsen tribute

Royal classic away with Gifford Nielsen tribute

BYU wore a throwback uniform against Houston - it was the first time BYU has worn this combination since going independent. BYU wore this as a tribute to former BYU and Houston Oiler great Gifford Nielsen. I'm a big fan of the grey facemasks with the classic BYU away jersey. This combination it one of my favorites.

2. Royal all white

Royal all white

These uniforms need no explanation. It's hard to find a better combination of BYU colors than these jerseys.

1. Royal classic home


These jerseys deserve the credit for bringing royal blue back to BYU football. I probably prefer the look of the all whites with royal trim over these, but the tradition and meaning behind these jerseys puts them over the top.

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