Stellar, Standard & Subpar: BYU WR Neil Pau'u

Casey Lundquist


This is a continuation of a new series called stellar, standard, & subpar. We'll look at individual players on BYU's roster and outline what a stellar, standard, & subpar season would look like. We started with #1 (jersey numbers) and will count our way up the roster. We credit our sister site, West Virginia, for this idea. #2 on BYU's roster is Wide Receiver Neil Pau'u.

 First, let's review Pau'u's stats from the 2018 season. Pau'u used his redshirt last season and will return to the field in 2020. In 2018, Pau'u had 216 receiving yards on 18 receptions. He will be one of BYU's core receivers who will be looking to fill the lost void left by Micah Simon, Talon Shumway, and Aleva Hifo. 


Receiving Yards: 650

Neil Pau'u would be the first Wide Receiver under Kalani Sitake to accumulate 650 receiving yards in a single season. For that reason, hitting the 650 yard mark would be a stellar season for Neil or any of the BYU Wide Recievers. Micah Simon boasts the best single season of any WR during Sitake's tenure - he had 616 receiving yards last season.


Receiving Yards: 400

400 yards receiving would represent a big increase since Neil was on the field in 2018. Heading into his RS Jr. season with plenty of opportunities for playing time, 400 yards would be a standard season. 


Receiving Yards: 200

Considering the holes that BYU is trying to fill at WR, a 200 yard season would be disappointing for Pau'u. He looked great during spring ball and he looked like a guy that BYU could use in the redzone. 200 receiving yards would be a subpar performance.

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Casey Lundquist