The Four Star Players That BYU is Recruiting

Casey Lundquist

While the fate of the 2020 college football season is unknown, let's turn our attention to recruiting. Here are the four star players that BYU is recruiting.

1. Kingsley Suamataia

BYU has been trying to make up ground in Kingsley's recruitment over the last few months. Jasen Ah You has done a good job, but I would be very surprised if Kingsley ends up in Provo. At this point, BYU is just trying to stay in it and earn an official visit - anything can happen on a visit.

2. Logan Fano

A former BYU commit, Fano recently earned a fourth star according to 247Sports. Fano remains one of BYU's top targets this recruiting cycle. I've said this before, I would be very surprised if he ended up somewhere that wasn't Utah, Washington, or BYU. 

3. Jacob Schuster

BYU offered Jacob Schuster a few weeks ago. Schuster is a DL from Washington and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. BYU is late to the game on this one - the Cougars need to make up a lot of ground. Like Kingsley, BYU is competing for a visit.

There are a few more BYU targets that could end up as four-star recruits by the time signing day rolls around:

1. Raider Damuni

By now, any BYU fan that follows recruiting will know about Raider Damuni. Raider has been a BYU commit for years and is locked in with BYU. Raider is closing in on the fourth star - his rating looks very similar to Nate Ritchie's last year. Ritchie was a three-star recruit for most of the recruiting cycle until the very end. I could see Raider earn the fourth star with a solid Senior season.

2. Kimo Makaneole

Few recruits have seen their recruitment explode as quickly as Kimo. He received his first offer in February. Since then, he's received offers over 30 offers including a variety of P5 offers. He is currently rated as a high three-star recruit. With his current trajectory, however, it wouldn't be surprising if he was awarded a fourth star. Kimo is a Florida native and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which gives him a connection to BYU. BYU has made Kimo a top priority.

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Casey Lundquist
Casey Lundquist


I think more than anything, not being a P5 team hurts BYU the most in the race for Fano...


We need a pass rusher pretty bad after not signing one last year. Fano is my most wanted. I don’t think he’ll come if we’re still rushing three every down



Casey Lundquist