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The Good and the Bad from BYU vs Coastal Carolina

BYU's undefeated season came to an end on Saturday night.

BYU's dream season came to an end on Saturday night when the Cougars came up one yard short against Coastal Carolina. BYU made too many critical mistakes at critical times, and they ran out of time to make a heroic comeback. Here is the good and the bad from BYU-Coastal Carolina:

The good

  • Khyiris Tonga dominated the interior OL of Coastal Carolina and drew a holding penalty on the first drive of the game. The holding call put the Chanticleers behind the sticks and BYU forced a punt on the first drive of the game.
  • On the first drive, BYU was getting very good push in the run game.
  • BYU responded well to Coastal Carolina's long touchdown drive with a touchdown drive of their own. BYU went 76 yards on four plays - Tyler Allgeier ran through a massive hole to cap off the drive with a 42 yard touchdown run.
  • Fantastic balance by Dax Milne on a touchdown pass from Zach Wilson. It looked like Milne would go down three different times before finding the endzone.
  • Solid drive for BYU's offense to start the second half for BYU. It stalled in the redzone, but BYU extended their a 14-13 lead to 17-13.
  • After turning the ball over in their own territory, BYU's defense held Coastal Carolina and forced a field goal. That was a big moment in the game.
  • Tyler Allgeier ran very physically all night long. Allgeier had 110 yards on 13 attempts. 
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  • Khyris Tonga played well on Saturday night. He was creating disruption inside and was batting down balls at the line of scrimmage
  • BYU's defense got two big stops in the fourth quarter the give the ball back to BYU's offense with a chance to take the lead.
  • On the last drive of the game, Gunner Romney made an excellent catch to move the chains and keep BYU's drive alive.
  • BYU came up one yard short on the last drive, but Zach Wilson led a great drive to put the Cougars in that position.

The bad

  • A holding penalty negated a 91-yard touchdown pass to Neil Pau'u on the first offensive play of the game.
  • Coastal Carolina got a lot of pressure on Zach Wilson on the first drive of the game, that would be a theme throughout the night.
  • Coastal Carolina took 17 plays to go 94 yards and score the games first touchdown. The Chanticleers dominated upfront that series and drained over nine minutes off the clock. This would also become a theme. Coastal Carolina kept the ball away from BYU's dangerous offense.
  • Big drop by Gunner Romney on fourth down. Wilson also had Rex wide open for an easy first down. I didn't mind the play call, it created two wide open receivers.
  • Another long touchdown drive for Coastal Carolina. 11 plays 5:54 off the clock.
  • To end the first half, #94 on Coastal Carolina took a few shots at Zach Wilson after the interception. If it wasn't unnecessary roughness, then it was definitely holding. Tackling is not blocking.
  • A muffed punt nearly gives Coastal Carolina the ball in BYU territory.
  • BYU was gaining momentum when a Tyler Allgeier fumble gave Coastal Carolina the football in BYU territory. 
  • Heading into the fourth quarter, Coastal Carolina's rushing attack started to wear down the BYU defense. The Chanticleers had 223 rushing yards through three quarters.
  • BYU defense allowed another long touchdown drive with very little resistance at the end. 13 plays 85 yards and 6:06 off the clock.
  • Major mental mistake from Chris Jackson set up a 3rd & 30 for BYU in the fourth quarter. Jackson caught the ball two yards beyond the line of scrimmage before running 22 yards backwards (yes, you read that correctly) and setting up the long third down. Every possession was critical in this game because of the Chanticleers offensive style. This play was similar to a turnover.