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Cameron Johnson Talks BYU Official Visit and Decision Timeline

Cameron Johnson is a tight end out of El Camino Community College

This weekend, BYU hosted Cameron Johnson on campus for an official visit. Johson, a 2022 tight end out of El Camino Community College, received an offer from the Cougars following his visit. We caught up with Johnson to discuss his official visit and his decision timeline.


Johnson first got in touch with BYU through offensive line coach Darrell Funk. "I first got in contact with BYU in late April when I met Coach Funk," Johnson said. "He was at my junior college and wanted to meet me, so when we talked I think both sides immediately knew this was a good fit."

Once Johnson got in touch with the staff, he heard from BYU offensive coordinator Aaron Roderick. "Coach Roderick was the one who I was on the phone with a lot. Ultimately he was the one who really pulled for me and I owe him a lot for that," Johnson said. It was Coach Roderick who extended Johnson the offer. "I honestly wasn’t expecting an offer, but when Coach Roderick told me they were going to be offering it was a big deal for me. It showed me how strong the coaching staff felt about me after being on the visit."

Prior to his visit, Johnson had a few different memories of BYU. "The first memory I had of BYU was about 2010 when Jimmer Fredette was all over ESPN," Johnson said. "I met him on my visit which was really nice because it all came full circle." Coincidentally, Fredette was on campus this weekend.

Johnson also knows former BYU quarterback Zach Wilson, and he's watched BYU compete against the PAC-12 after dark. "I’ve also met Zach Wilson a few times and have thrown with him in Southern California," Johnson said. "In the previous year I saw just about all of the late night Pac-12 games that BYU was playing because it was the latest football on out here on the west coast." 

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Johnson primarily played wide receiver in high school. Once he was at the junior college level, he felt that his 6'4 frame was best suited at tight end. "I have a history of being a receiver and made the switch in junior college because it was a smoother fit for me," Johnson said. 

On his potential fit within BYU's offense, Johnson said, "With some of the injuries that occurred last year they see me as an important piece that can come in and play immediately. I’m a bigger guy but also fast and a receiving threat. They were very big on showing me how I would be used in both 11 and 12 personnel, and possibly at all receiver spots as well." Johnson has two years of eligibility remaining, and he will be eligible to play next season at his school of choice.

On his favorite part about the visit, Johnson said, "My favorite part of the visit was meeting so many of the powerful BYU alumni. They all serve very important roles in business, medicine, etc., and seeing them be so down to earth was a big selling point for me."

It's getting late in the 2022 recruiting cycle, so Johnson has plans to make his decision soon. Very soon, in fact. Johson tells Cougs Daily that he will make his decision either tonight (May 15th) or tomorrow (May 16th). "I want to make a move soon so that I can move and start summer practice with the team," Johnson said. "I will be making my decision on either the night of the 15th or the morning of the 16th."

Johnson is down to two top schools: BYU and Washington State.