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Aaron Rodgers Talks Soccer on 'Men in Blazers' TV Show

MiB may be the best sports show on television, partly because it does not take itself so seriously

Former Cal star Aaron Rodgers has been getting plenty of media attention for his ambiguous comments about his future in Green Bay, but that was not an issue during his extended interview this week on Men in Blazers, perhaps the best sports talk show on TV.

MiB, as we in the know call it, ostensibly covers English Premier League soccer, but the comments of Roger Bennett and Michael Davies make the show entertaining and often hilarious to viewers who may or may not have an interest in soccer.

Rodgers is interviewed in the Thursday telecast by Bennett, quite possibly the funniest man in TV sports with his brief comical asides that only the intense listener can catch. However, Bennett plays it fairly straight when talking to Rodgers, so his comedy gems are few.

Rogers first addressed Bennett's devotion to Everton, noting that like a lot of fans Bennett always says "This is our year," and of course it never is. Rodgers suggests  bringing back goaltender Tim Howard, A.K.A. The Wall.

Rog suggests that maybe Rodgers could be the Bo Jackson of football, playing professional soccer as well as football.  Rodgers did play soccer as a kid and was good enough to play on a traveling squad, but added, "I did not have a future in soccer, and I think I knew it."

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Rodgers goes into a little depth about his soccer skills as a boy. "I was fast. I don't think I was extremely skilled. . . I wasn't very good in the grand scheme of things, didn't have a very well developed left foot." Oh, and one other thing: Rodgers said he could "tackle the sh-- out of people."

Rodgers provides his appraisal of Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne, then talks about foreigners as kickers in the NFL.

And finally Rodgers talks about the components of leadership, which include being honest, as several Premiere League coaches are.

I would never call myself a big soccer fan, but I am a huge fan of Men in Blazers,

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