Adversity Will Make Lawrence Better

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is looking to not only survive but thrive in the wake of the loss to LSU.
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After losing his first game as a starter since his senior year at Cartersville High School, junior quarterback Trevor Lawrence had to face something he had not dealt with in almost three years: adversity. 

Despite the lack of losses on Lawrence's record, the star quarterback is no stranger to bouncing back, whether from a missed throw, an injury, or a loss on the biggest stage in college football. 

Lawrence pointed to his experience as a quarterback as the main reason that he will rebound from the adversity he has experienced since January 13th. 

"Just, I mean I feel like I've, through my two years, I've just been through every different situation you could be in, just getting more and more perspective I think is the biggest thing," Lawrence said. "But then, yeah, going through some adversity, I hadn't gone through much and it's the only game I've lost since I've been here. So it definitely gives you some more perspective and you appreciate all the little things and just it makes you want to go back and work even harder when you get back there and have a chance at that moment again."

As to how specifically he will improve in the spring, Lawrence sees himself spending more time lifting weights at the Allen N. Reeves Football Complex. 

"Just in the weight room," Lawrence said. "Keep getting stronger, gaining weight. I say that every year. That's always something for me that's important. But other than just leadership, just being a better leader. I think I did a good job last year, but just kind of upping that role a little bit as an older guy now, an upperclassman, so just being a better leader and I mean, I've always worked hard, tried to be the example, but just be a little more outspoken and all those things."

Despite the end result not being what he had hoped for, Lawrence hopes the accomplishments and disappointments of 2019 will lead to a better 2020 for both himself and the team. 

"Yeah, it's both for sure. I mean, but we're still proud of what we did," Lawrence said. "It sucks the way it ended, but still, a lot of work and I mean a lot of time spent here preparing and I feel like we all, we gave it our all. We did our best and it's tough with a game like that obviously, but we're still proud of what we did. But definitely with that steam, we want to build on it and give us that extra edge to make sure we're not doing anything on the table like we did last year."